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It is too quiet on here right now. So talk about anything.....
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  • Just jumped out of my skin.....the house a couple of doors down has just let off a barrage of fireworks....it sounds like they just threw a match at the entire box!!!!!
    '' Sometimes I think I've felt everything I'm ever going to feel and from here on out I'm not going to feel anything new, just lesser versions of what I've already felt ''
  • I just freaked out too! At my sister's house and one of her pugs, Abigail, comes running up to me with what looked like blood all over her little pug snout! I call my sis frantically, and she says "yeah, Abby got into the cabinet and ate a whole package of strawberry fig newtons." Now just waiting for the constellation of shit to happen. I can't even get mad at her because she's soo damn cute. I renamed her Fatsy Cline.
    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Come on. Where are you all ?. I am really ill and i have still logged on. SEARCHING FRAPPERS............?????
  • I AM HERE CW !
  • Just me and you then. Good evening J.
  • Evening CW !!
    Trying to browse through the many threads I haven´t been in yet.
  • Not been a busy day. Should not take you so long. I think all the Frappers are getting all the Crimbo decorations out the loft or something.
  • Oh, there are many threads I haven´t visited at all yet. Must read them all! Remember, I am only on this forum for a couple of weeks now, so I keep finding threads with many many many posts to read.
    Do that a lot in the underground on my phone (the underground is not entirely under the ground where I live, so I have 3G connection most of the time). But now I am at home: took two weeks off from work because I have been working a bit too hard lately.
    Also, me and my girlfriend will be "an item" for 14 years this week, so we will be celebrating that this weekend.
  • Oh yeah. I had a spell where i went through all the previous threads. It passes time and is very interesting. I intend having a nosey on the old GMB forum. To say i have missed out is a huge understatement. Anyway no point moaning i along with you J are here now.
  • Was thinking earlier that if everyone in the UK donated at least £1 thats a huge amount of money to donate for food, water, medicine, etc for the Philippines relief help.
    If people can afford to waste money on fags and booze then just for one good gesture one tiny little pound could help soooo many people.
    Im going to sacrifice things like not getting sweets and chocolates and drink for Xmas and save at least £25 to make a significant donation that I think reports say can help at least one family. Its not much but at least its something.
  • I am back on. Cannot get to sleep. Everytime i lie down i start coughing my head off. Sick of it now. I was thinking earlier at least i can relax. I would rather be busy and healthy.
  • Try a nettles and licorice root tisane CW.
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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I am on enough stuff now. + My Mrs will not spend any money on me. I cannot go out myself either. I will get better. Eventually.
  • So, Lily Allen has a new song and video out which is CLEARLY satire ( a pretty darn good one at that.) Both the song and video reflect the difficulties of being a woman in the music business. The video deals specifically with misogyny in a very piercing way. Now, there seems to be an uproar being made about the video somehow degrading black women, and that Lily Allen, by default, is engaging in racism. I find this charge ridiculous! It's so ridiculous that the dancers themselves have spoken out about how they aren't at all insulted and that this video is NOT about racism,but all about SEXISM. Despite this, people who aren't black, are ranting on and on about how insulted they are.
    Im so tired of people pushing these divides and even more tired of people who love to be insulted on others behalf.Thoughts??

    Here's the video:

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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Thanks for posting that A_is_A, it was very 'hard' hitting, good song too. I like the way Lily Allen has delivered messages in the past, specifically 'Fuck You', which was a dedication to Nick Griffin, leader of the racist British National Party, therefore Lily Allen is the last person I would personally call a racist, and if it was somehow demeaning to black women what does that make the average R&B or Gansta Rap video in the view of such people who are suggesting this is somehow demeaning? It was as I say hard hitting, and I think it illustrated a point pretty well, good on ya Lily.

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    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline

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