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The "Clay" Appreciation Thread
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  • I've been following Goldfrapp for a few years now and this album is such a bless for me. I really love tales and poetry. I love soft sounds and whispers. I've decided to join the forum listening to this album. Clay is the first track that got me stuck. Gosh, the first time I listened to Clay I got shivers all over my body. It's my favorite track so far. Now that I've read the letter it is even more emotional to me.
  • Not only Goldfrapp was inspired by this letter. As I am reading from Paper Bag Records newsletter:

    After the release of their 2CD Ultramarine [Deluxe Edition], Young Galaxy have released a new video for
    'Sleepwalk With Me'. The animated video, directed by Fabricio Lima, was inspired by a heartfelt story of a
    relationship between two soldiers during the Second World War, called "Letter to a G.I.", first published in
    1953 and republished in September 1961 by ONE Magazine in the USA.

    Here is the video:

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