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  • H-J, Here's another thing (not sure if you are able to do something about it, though). There is a certain old thread which had 496 posts. A_is_A posted a new comment yesterday. So on my mobile device, I saw there was a new comment, but I had to scroll all the way down the 496 posts in order to see the new one. My thumb is still numb from that.... Isn't there a setting for the mobile site which automatically sends you to the page in the thread which contains the newest post?
  • ^ That is probably the most annoying issue with this forum!

    I don't see any settings that could sort it, and I don't know a way around it, unfortunately. :-(
  • Oh, err, a shitty workaround is to switch to "Full Site" on your mobile. (Even then you have to scroll to the bottom, and select the last page.)
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  • Both my PC and my mobile devices default to the last post. If I could help by sharing my settings with you, please, let me know how.
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  • Thanks iuv. Does that also apply to threads you have never visited before? (If - in your case - such threads exist)
  • Oh, I totally ignore or avoid many threads, but often I click on them just to rid my screen of the new-post notice. Now, I'm recalling that the forum sends me to the first new post in a particular thread rather than the actual final post.
    If I were dead, could I do this?

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