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Anna Calvi
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  • Bump to add that tonight's AC concert at La Route du Rock will be streamed live at 19.20 CET.


    CET is an hour ahead of UK time at the moment so in real money she's onstage at 18.20 / 6.20 pm.

    I have no idea if Mistah Chipz here can actually cope with streaming from Arte TV, but we will give it a go anyway.

    ETA - well, he sorta did. Lots of freezing and Blue Swirling Donut of Doom at the end of the set, wiping out Desire, Love Won't Be Leaving and Jezebel. That's two of my favourites. (I'd had some programme all set up to record but in the end it did the cyber equivalent of hiding in the corner curled up in the foetal position sobbing.)

    Apart from those techhie hiccups - great performance, the set is getting incredibly tight and she's now very confident in the new band hearing her and following her when she improvises - which she's doing more of. Lots of vocalise solos too weaving round the guitar improv, very atmospheric. 

    Short festival set of Suzanne, Eliza, Suddenly, Love of My Life (most excellent) Cry, Rider to the Sea/Blackout, I'll Be Your Man, Carry Me Over, Desire, Love Won't Be Leaving and Jezebel.
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  • ^
    Good stuff. She's also put on FB that she's backstage watching Portishead. WTF! All this excitement and Im missing it 
  • ^ yeah I had to clasp my fingers over my eyes at that point because Not FAIR!!!! Portishead are another fave band I've never managed to get to see but being backstage to  hear them - how jammy is that?? [/jealousy]

    Hope somebody is more tech savvy than I am for both sets.
  • I melted like an ice cube left out in the sun seeing this picture 
  • Well hell yeah ... who wouldn't ... somewhere at the start of I'll Be Your Man, I believe.

    Meanwhile, in another corner of the woods, somebody more tech savvy did turn up, and Anna's set is now up for grabs here  you might need to scroll perhaps?
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    Photography by Richard Gray">
  • And new collaboration video/song with Marianne Faithfull - it's here

    Quite like it myself but not actually blown away yet. This could be the video itself mind you.
  • Well, that was possibly a bit cryptic, so apologies all round and let's try again.

    The news is/was that Anna has been booked as the support act for Morrissey on the GermanyBelgium/London/Ireland section (late November) of his arenas tour ...

    I don't think my mind has quite stopped boggling yet, because I'm one of those people for whom this review of Morrissey's autobiography was too kind -

    ".. Morrissey is plainly the most ornery, cantankerous, entitled, whingeing,
    self-martyred human being who ever drew breath. And those are just his
    good qualities."

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    Anna has been nominated for the Mercury Music Prize 2014 for One Breath. I have supported from day one and I'm so pleased for her. Second attempt so fingers crossed =D> :D :)>- <:-P
  • Isn't it brilliant!  It's so good to see a record nominated as it comes up to the end of the release/tour cycle - while it's been proven to have staying power. I'm still finding new things in it. 

    I'm liking a lot of other records on that list right now but they're at a much earlier point in the cycle, and a part of me wonders how long they will still pull me in  ....

    Meh to the lot of them. Go Anna.

  • Good lord, her heels are almost as high as that - err, souvenir? prize? thingywotsit?

    Is it supposed to look like something you practise on with your sonic screwdriver?
  • In this months mojo mag there is a kate Bush cd. Various artists perform her records. Anna is one of them.

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