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Anna Calvi
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  • Anna's not very well apparently so posting this picture to send vibes to make her better 
  • And that, dear reader, is why bookies are rich and I am poor.
  • Well, I was not surprised Anna didn't win but a nomination is a big pat on the back.
    I was not surprised it was a fairly "unknown" artist that won it. I'm just disgusted at their arrogant, ungrateful, pig ignorant manner of acceptance of the award. Fair dos for not arse licking the music execs but you should ALWAYS in my opinion show some sort of gratitude to the fans. I know it's a panel of judges (the public would have voted completely different) but what is exceptional about this album of there's?? Pandying once again to the hip hop genre which isn't even proper music just so called men mumbling about fuck knows what?
    Maybe they will never be heard of again by this time next year like other winners (Ms Dynamite, Speech Debelle). Probably spelt them wrong who cares.
  • I'm not even sure I'd call it hip hop - the album was a wierd mix of styles to me, not in the sense that they blended many styles into their own voice for their songs but in the sense that each song was in a different style altogether,  completely at random and without any relationship to the material. Except possibly "will this one sell better?" and "is our fake accent fake enough?"

    I didn't like Eastenders-to-Music Kate Tempest's record very much, but at least you could grasp why her songs sounded different, she'd tried to relate the sound/tempo/rhythm of the songs to their characters and the particular episode of the narrative. And she uses her real accent.

    To be fair, there are quite a few blokes who won the prize who've not exactly gone on to conquer the known universe: Roni Size, Talvin Singh, Antony & the Johnsons ...
  • Ive just melted into a pool of bliss  :x
  • From Wednesday nights Mercury Prize
  • Soon Anna, soon :)
  • Great gig last night, still blown away but thawing slightly now. At least if the DVD does get issued I can rewatch in the warm.

    So good to see Helen and Laura and other board members there.
  • I wish I'd travelled down on the off-chance of getting a ticket. Quite a few were being punted on Twitter. Started the year with an Anna Calvi gig & it would have been great to finish it with another. Ah well. Looking forward to the DVD anyhow.
  • Yeah well how many Goldfrapp videos have Pavlov'd us into accepting DVDs may not appear? sigh.

    Meanwhile, there's  this as a souvenir.  Lovely version of Eliza reworked for the strings and choir. Mmm.
  • Hello Calviites. Cant believe its taken me since Saturday to post here but colds, flus, Chrimbo present wrapping, etc has taken all my time. Anyways, heres a message from lovely Anna

    Thank you so much to The Heritage Orchestra, Patrick Wolf, Charlie Fink, Dave Okumu, Thomas Bartlett, and to everyone who came and made my show at St. Johns church such a special, memorable evening. Love Anna x

    Ain't she a doll ;)

  • And some more clips surfacing on youtube Papi Pacify   I'm The Man That Will Find You,   A Kiss to Your Twin and   Ghost Rider
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  • Me again ...

    Nice late Xmas wishes from Anna and a present ('k, sorta): started writing the next record.
  • ^
    Have you got yourself on Facebook :)

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