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Anna Calvi
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  • Alex, Anna, Mally and Glenn (the band)
  • Photography by Roger Deckker who has taken some great shots of Anna for this One Breath era 
  • Best pics yet them ones. I really like the band one. Gonna get my eldest to blow that pic up and put in on my tbh childish poster wall.
  • Promise this will be the last Anna picture for a while!!
  • Post millions. It is a Anna thread after all. Edit- I see you will not be on here for a bit. That explains it. Hope all is well.
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  • Dear everyone,

    I'm halfway through my European tour, and so far it has been quite something..

    It was wonderful to come back to the Trianon, for two nights this time, it's such a beautiful place to play.. I remember quickly learning Lady Grinning Soul back stage, and going out into the foyer and performing it as part of my solo show.. Then jumping into a cab to the Carmen and doing another solo show.. I loved the intimacy of the Carmen, and of being so close to the audience.. I played a cover of Satisfied Mind, which was a song that I always wished I could sing, before I was a singer..

    When I was in Paris I was also fortunate enough to meet and write a song with Marianne Faithfull, which was such an honour.. I arrived at her apartment, and I was immediately struck by how beautiful she is. We sat in her living room, which was full of fresh flowers, and I played guitar as we sang together. She's so charming and talented, and has so many interesting stories to tell.. I'm very proud of the song we wrote.

    In Italy I recognised some faces in the crowd- the audiences were very passionate..and the Teatro Grande in Brescia was the most beautiful venue I've ever seen..

    And tonight I met many lovely Slovenian people, this show in Ljubljana was really something..

    I hope to see you somewhere on the road,


    Anna xx
  • Aww .. that's so sweet.

    The Carmen show she talks about is now up here on youtube -

    - and the George Tavern solo show can be found here

    No sign of the foyer show yet but maybe give it time.
  • Back to fave female number two after a brief dalliance with Ms Goldfrapp

  • It's wierd how some artists really take to Twitter, like Alison, and others don't, like Anna.  Tumblr Q and A are far less frequent (boo! hiss!) than Tweets, but I do like how thoughtful they can be.

    I can think of a question to ask David Bowie, though: Tin Machine? Were you having a bleeding laugh??!?
  • ^
    Surely somebody should have asked her about her meeting with Marianne Faithful in Paris?? If they have written a song together as Anna suggested in a Facebook message during this recent tour, will we get to hear it as b-side or whatever? 
  • Your question, Hells, why not ask her yourself for the next round?

    I'd love to hear the song but would have preferred to be a fly on the wall for the writing / meet-up.

    I'd prefer Anna hurried up and wrote No 3 - oh wait, she's still touring.

  • Note to myself. Be careful what you wish for ... Anna has announced she's releasing some new material soon, recorded with friends in New York.

    On the one hand I'm all yay happy dance and on the other I'm oh shit David Byrne/Sean Lennon/St Vincent ...

  • New material. Good one.

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