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Anna Calvi
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  • ..You are either a Fender 'person' or a Gibson 'person'. The really funny thing is that... I can't play guitar! 
    It's good to have a few icons of style in your life. Perhaps a new thread; favourite possessions?

    I can no more multi quote than I can multi task so here goes...

    I truly don't get the Fender/Gibson divide: I nearly got a Gibson and I would never rule one out if I can ever justify upgrading. That could be because I started off first time round on a Gibson that belonged to my uncle only my evil cousin got jealous and demanded I give it back. Then he never learned to play it, the rat bastard.

    I can't play either! Total guitar zero, me, although I;'m having a lot more fun this time round: looking back on the first time round, back in the Century of the Fruit Bat, I can safely say the teacher was really bad. Mind I was also a bad pupil, and between us we cooked up a perfect storm of tunelessness, arhythmia and general serial ineptitude. Second time round - electronic tuners! beepy metronomes! online teachers! Youtube!! It's far more fun. Plus, living in my own place, I can turn it up to 11 whenever I like.

    There's a tangential connection to Anna C and this thread in that she was probably one of the players who got me back into it, by eroding the sulky consumer resistance over the years: but there wasn't a conscious decision making process, or inspiration, I just remember back in January hearing my own voice in a guitar shop saying, "Visa OK?"

    OOOH prized possessions thread, yes: with photos?

  • ^ good thread idea, do it! :)
  • I still maintain 'The Devil' is her greatest tune to date, as much as I like the tracks on One Breathe, it's 'The Devil' that does it for me, big time! Great tune, and somehow the track I would say 'listen to this one' if I were introducing somebody to her, I'm sure everybody else would say something different, but this is one I just adore

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • ^
    She's just great ain't she??? I thought that wearing my Anna t-shirt at work today. 

    She seriously needs to release a live DVD or something. I wonder if she will especially as this One Breath tour across Europe was such a success and doing well Down Under too at the moment. Fingers crossed :)
  • Oh I'd buy a DVD of Live! Anna for sure. Only problem is I didn't see film cameras at the UK dates dammit. Where's that Emma Nathan woman when we need her?  There was sort of an expensive amateur one at the solo gig but definitely not pro.

    Meantime anybody with Sky Arts coverage [hint  - not me :(   can catch her Isle of Wight festival performance earlier this month on Sky Arts  tomorrow at 21:00 hours. Anybody able to record?

    I daresay her set at Glastonbury will also make it to BBC as well, but who knows on what channel or red button.

  • From Anna's FB page. From 8pm tonight she should be on at Glastonbury :)

    Liked · 26 June · Edited 

    I wanted to thank everyone who came to the Italian shows I have done in the last few days, I love playing in Italy so much. We drunk wine by the sea after the show which ended in a midnight swim, and played next to the ocean in Sestri Levante, then in Verona we performed in the most beautiful amphitheatre. After this show there was a huge thunderstorm and myself and some fans were talking very close to a very large strike of lightning which would have been quite an end to the tour! I really enjoyed these shows, they felt so special. 

    I also felt very excited to play the Sydney opera house a few weeks ago, twice, once for my own show and then as part of an evening of music by the great film composer and songwriter Giorgio Moroder. He also made an appearance during the concert, and sported the most amazing white moustache I have ever seen. It was the first time I have sung with an orchestra and this was incredibly thrilling to me, to feel this power behind my voice. I really must do this again soon. 

    I hope to see some of you at Glastonbury next week, or another festival along the way, 

    With love, 

    Anna xx
  • ^

    She's just great ain't she??? I thought that wearing my Anna t-shirt at work today. 

    She seriously needs to release a live DVD or something. I wonder if she will especially as this One Breath tour across Europe was such a success and doing well Down Under too at the moment. Fingers crossed :)

    Not a DVD but there is a 50 minute session from her Glastonbury set on BBC I player
  • Finally caught AC's Glastonbury set thanks to Big Bird for reminding me about I Player! Planning a Virtual Alternate Universe Glastonbury this weekend (no mud, working loos, beer under £10 a bottle, you get the picture) but I sneaked a preview of her set and it was fantastic and passionate.

    The Strange Weather EP was also waiting for me this evening after a crappy work week so that was also a thrill. Faves so far are the creepy Papi Pacify - well, it's creepy the way she sings it IMO - and the stompy synthy Ghost Rider.
  • ^
    I don't know if your on Facebook but Anna is very good at keeping that updated with news from tours, gigs, personal messages, etc. Might be worth having a butchers ;)
  • Aiiee MetaCreepiness!!!

    Oh no, wait, that's the Virtual Herbs talking  ... 
    Post edited by wild_corgi at 2014-07-13 17:19:08
  • Anna can play football! What a revelation. Better get her an Arsenal shirt for the new season as we may need her :)

  • Does this mean a complete new team kit based on that of a flamenco dancer?

    Enquiring minds would like to know ...
  • Pant wettingly exciting news for any Anna fan. Collaboration with Marianne Faithfull. Lush.

  • image
    #tbt #desire">
  • I'm always looking forward to the next Marianne Faithfull record, even if they don't have Anna on them ... and now ... well.

    it's a really good trailer, that.

    Hope the rain holds off and the ground dries out for everybody going to Green Man and any other festival.

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