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Anna Calvi
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  • This would not have been my choice as next single from the album but what do I know??

  • me neither though I do quite like the video. It's an odd choice, great song, but not obviously single material for non fans .... personally I'm more interested in the B side but then fans would be I guess.

    (foxy lady, foxy lady, please please please: foxy lady ...)

    At Brighton the drums kicked in fine for Suzanne and I; it sounded like somebody had forgotten to plug in the guitar for a couple of seconds; later there was definitely a vamp till ready moment in piece by piece as somebody sorted something out (sound guys not plugging something in? turning it up? Anna contemplating solo? couldn't work it out, was parked a ways back on the only working radiator). There was a lot of tuning, but she was thrashing the hell out of those guitars, and being so cold they were gonna need it as well.

    I got a relaxed vibe from her as well; who knows, she might talk to the audience next tour ...
  • 'thank you, goodnight'


    literally the ONLY thing she said in Brighton I think?!  I don't really mind, she still melts us with her smile every now and then ;)


    Had a really good time.  Sorry to have missed you there.  We rocked up about 8.15 and nearly had a panic attack due to there being no alcohol hahaha.  I've seen Camille do 2 shows there before and we could definitely purchase wine then!  Anyway, it being me and my friends, one did a quick dash to the offie then we got all settled - Not too far back, its such an incredible place, I was quite happy not being right at the front so as to take in the whole churchy back drop. 

    I didn't think she was as 'wild' as ive seen her before.  I don't know if it was the acoustics in there, or the set list she chose, or the setting, but at times it felt a bit more subdued than I remembered.  This isn't a critical point, I cannot get enough of seeing her live!  And there was still plenty of drama and crescendo's along the way...  And perhaps its good that its not totally predictable (other than opening with Suzanne and I and closing pre encore with Love wont be Leaving ;) )


    Christ, I live for that guitar bit in LWBL.  Some might say 'its a bit of a wanky, ott, unnecessary 6 minutes of guitar' ... I say KEEP GOING.  Next time, id be happy with TWELVE minutes.  Or MORE.


    6 months till the next time! 

  • That's some festival date, yeah? Forgive my lack of enthusiasm, did enough of those when I was a pup to be more enthusiastic about going over the top at the Somme now .... 

    The more I think about it the more I think she was pacing herself/fighting germs tho I do think Surrender pulled it down a bit. When she did break out the contrast was really strong and the solos smouldering - not burning, yeah I agree she has been wilder.

    I'm so greedy I just want another album YESTERDAY now.  I'd part with a paw for a live one.

    No idea how we missed each other but so glad you had a good time Laura.



  • "That's some festival date, yeah? Forgive my lack of enthusiasm, did enough of those when I was a pup to be more enthusiastic about going over the top at the Somme now ...."


    Gaaaah hahaha!  Fair enough!  I'm pretty delighted as its my very favourite festival 'Greenman' - I've been going for 8 years and its the only one I'll still go to now.. Its grown up / family friendly and wild in equal measures, can kind of make anything of it and its so beautiful.  She'll fit right in!


    Yeah, pacing herself sounds about right.   The tour looks pretty relentless, I guess the last thing she needs is to burn out when she's doing gigs on consecutive nights for god knows how long.  What a trooper!

  • It is a very long tour although I shouldn't complain as it means I got to see her both in in London and in Brighton. On the downside, I agree it looks relentless and I hope she doesn't damage her voice or her hands/wrists. Or need a long, long break away from writing ... 

    (on an aside, if i was gonna update Murder on the Orient Express I'd make it Murder on the Tour Bus...)

    Greenman, Glenusk ...you  make it sound so lovely. But I have family up the road from Glanusk/Greenman and from what they're saying about the weather even in August it'll have to be renamed Aquaman and the stage built on an Ark. Mind, you probably have to dial down the innate Welsh optimism a bit there

    Back to the Piece by Piece video - which I like: a lot, going from passionate red to pure white/black. Now, there's lots of colour theory out there which you can't escape from if you have any love of and talent for painting (Anna), cinema or even amateur B/W photography (which is where I come in) , about complementary and opposite colours - and I'm sure all of those will come into play if you have half the visual sensitivity Anna has ....

    but goddammit have I gone cross-eyed with lust and thus taken leave of my senses, or is the sequence of colour changes in the video the same as the sequence of the colours in the rainbow?? red/orange/yellow/green/light blue/ dark blue / violet ??

    Another hint/wink from Miss C. What a tease.

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  • Nice pic. Especially the heels.
  • Yes but .... please tell me those aren't the Red Shoes

    My eyes water just thinking of standing up in them, all question of demonic possession aside.
  • Foxy lady is back on Facebook fellow Calviites :)

  • Brain explodes ... Anna Calvi + underground carpark = does not compute.

    In addition to the London and Paris solo shows, she's now doing a Brussels solo show (this is March, at the end of the tour). I guess this is becoming A Thing, and I'm glad she's happy doing this for her fans - hope it's not too much for her but at the end of the tour, I guess it not ...

    Yeah it's Friday, I'm tired, can't make my mind up
  • For those asking, here are the setlists for the London solo shows..

    London solo show - The George Tavern (8/2/14)
    Rider To The Sea
    No More Words
    The Way Young Lovers Do
    Sound & Vision
    Wolf Like Me
    Crying Game
    The Wall
    Foxy Lady
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  • ^
    The above would be the intimate one Anna did after the Troxy show. She posted the Paris set list too on Facebook but dont know anyone here that went to that one so sticking with this. How f*****g cool is this 
  • The pic's from the Paris show^ though. Sooo chic.

    Not in its wildest campest dreams could the Troxy scrub up to look like that. If that statue in the background found itself in the Troxy it would slither gingerly off its plinth and flounce away.


    Or St George's Tavern, bless its sticky nicotine stained cotton socks.

    Paris setlists also up
    Paris solo show #1 - Foyer @ Le Trianon (15/2/14). Joan Of Arc, Baby
    It's You, Tristan, Lady Grinning Soul, No More Words, Foxy Lady.

    Paris solo show #2 - Le Carmen (15/2/14). Rider To The Sea, Satisfied
    Mind, Surrender, Sound & Vision, No More Words, Foxy Lady.

    Hurry up with that damn covers record already will ya?
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  • Anna's been busy on FB and posting pics from er Instagram account so will put a couple on here for you if it works :)

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