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Anna Calvi
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  • First job - working in a teddy bear shop. What a dude  L-)
  • I instantly liked her stuff on the 2nd album. Now its always on. If i put it in the, Listening thread it would be Goldfrapp xyz or Anna Calvi over and over again.
  • That would be great. Lovely place and watching Anna= HEAVEN
  • Shes at a sold out show in Leeds tonight.
  • ^ Thanks for the link Hells -... sort of Where's Anna with her hair like that

     Am I the only one going to the Troxy gig from here? surely not!
  • ^
    There are 3 of us from here going to Birmingham that I know of.
  • A fantastic peformance from Anna & her band at The Arches in Glasgow last night. I wont say much about it for now, given that so many have gigs coming up. To whet your appetite, though, let me say that her delivery of 'Bleed Into Me' is truly stupendous and will probably make you swoon :)

    There's a good review of the gig here

    Before the gig, Anna went in to the studios of BBC Radio Scotland for an interview with Janice Forsyth on 'The Culture Studio'. It includes solo performances of 'Eliza' and 'Fire' and all told lasts for nearly 20 minutes. It starts around 5 minutes in to the show after the intro and an AC/DC song :)

  • Sooo wish i could have gone to the Manchester one. Was the 6th if i remember rightly. Bet it was awesome.
  • Thanks Keith for the links. Glad you enjoyed the Glasgow show.
    Soooooooo looking forward to Birmingham on Monday and Laura has given me permission to "warm" Anna up before she has her all to herself in Brighton. Whats she like hey? 
    :D :))
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  • I'm lucky enough to have just got back from her London show, not gonna say much other than Anna Calvi rocks, first time I have seen her, but she has real presence, her voice reminds me of steel angels, tough as hell from being on the road and yet every gig is like the first night, tough and yet so angelic. Anna Calvi is easily one of the best guitarists I have seen in my life, as I say Anna Calvi rocks, and at this hour there ain't a lot more I can say, but that says it all anyway ;)

    She didn't play my favorites 'The Devil' and 'One Breathe' but still a fucking great show on Anna and the bands part.
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    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
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  • YESSSSS!!! Finally got to see her in the dry and with more material!!! It's like my mission to this planet is completed.

    Border_mind - totally. Troxy show was excellent - she was in good voice and playing well. Definitely in the zone. One of the best gigs I've been to.

    Thanks to nifty planning,I made it to the solo show too ... solo a bit of a misnomer, Mally there and backing vocals from Bill Ryder Jones on one song (Eliza). Set about 45 minutes I think, which was bloody brilliant in the circs. At least one person was mobile-phone-filming it so watch YouTube for updates.

    Anna sang (from memory, the order may be a bit shonky in the middle)

    Rider to the Sea
    No More Words
    The Wall
    Wolf Like Me
    Sound and Vision
    The Crying Game
    Jeff Buckley The Way Young Lovers Do
    Hendrix Foxy Lady

    In between songs, chatty (for her) and a bit ditzy (sample [to  roadie, before Wolf Like Me IIRC] "Errr,,, have you got another guitar? I left my capo in my other bag... [to us, apologetically ] I'm not very organised ...." has long think, I think transposing rather than changing song, continues....

    Best thing was that she seemed to be having as good a time as us. It did feel like a big deal for both sides, which was very sweet.

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  • Wish I could have gone to the solo show, it just wasn't possible, but sounds very enjoyable nonetheless.
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • It was - but there was a stampede for the exit before any encore, which I hadn't been expecting. So I missed hearing Bleed into Me, which I really like. And a lot of people stayed and missed any chance of getting to the solo gig.

    I do hope she does more of the solo/teeny tiny gigs.Very intense atmosphere, which I hope she - I dunno, enjoyed? found productive? inspiring?

    And I could seriously go for a proper album of cover versions by her.

  • I'd wait a couple more albums before the covers one personally ;) I do hope she will get another album together soon though
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline

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