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  • Oh my! I reckon the time has cum for a thread dedicated to sex education guys. Catherine gave me a copy of a book that belonged to her parents ( I'll be shot now, but come on, whose parents didn't own a copy!)...it's called " sex manners for single girls". I'll post some juicy snippets later. Prepare to exercise those giggle muscles!
  • Back to the subject re nature...( keeping the forum tidy!)... I met a little leveret hunkering down in the grass the other day while dog walking. My mutts were off the lead but luckily didn't see it. I got close enough to almost stroke the little cutie before it had the sense to dash off. I've dropped some strong hints round here that I'd like a pair of binoculars for me birthday as we see a lot of hares and things in the fields behind our house...but I'm shortsighted!
  • Let's see. sex, nature, sex, nature.  Yeah, pretty much the same thing.
  • Im still starting a dedicated thread WW...give me a minute...
  • I admire your single-mindedness, Kat.

    Great thread, so far.
  • Some variety of the hawkmoth, likely the adult of the tomato hornworm.



    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Looks quite cuddly to me! We found something really sad in our garden this week- there's a pile of logs and sticks we haven't got round to chopping up yet, and we discovered 8 abandoned pheasant or partridge eggs in there. We have several of both that wander round our place. Made me quite emotional to see them
  • I was watching the hares chasing each other in the field behind the house yesterday. Also saw an enormous one, the size of my border terrier. Magical.
  • just adorable, except for the moron who does not realise this is a Orangutang !

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    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
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    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
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    Watching the sunsets on the Lyne Peninsula North Wales last week.
  • Feeling very blessed right now as we have been watching four hares frolicking in the field behind the house, two of them were boxing, something I've never seen before. Apparently, ( I've just learned so thought I'd share), hares, like many animals, eat their own poo. And in Mexico they have a myth about the hare in the moon, not the man in the moon.
    As I'm off work and building up my walking stamina now, I'm getting a lot of pleasure from spotting wildlife. I met a newt this morning and walked past a nest with six birds sitting on it- I think they were partridges maybe? Also discovered two unusual butterflies in the garden. Must go and look up what they are.
  • I am loving using the bat detector I got for Xmas. I just stand in the garden at dusk and see what comes along. So far, Noctule, Pipistrelle, Soprano Pipistrelle and Lesser Horseshoe. Also, I am enjoying making ultrasound by scratching my beard and rubbing my trousers. At least, I think that's what the noise is.
  • Saw two jays sitting in a tree courting today. Until a bloody pigeon came between them.
    I've played with a bat detector before Whisperit. I held it to my ears to see if anything was going on in there 8-X
    It was a bit like a theremin. Could be a new twist for the new satanic- themed album perhaps? ( we re being very presumptuous of course- it could be fluffy).
    I'm quite fond of bats.
  • What did you play with after Whisperit?

    And where are your bunny photos?
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • Still lying in wait.