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Film & Live perf (cinema simulcast) - 4 Mar 2014
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  • I am sad that I haven't seen the films as a consequence but hopefully I'll get to do that at some point!

    Yeah, I hope you do - they are pretty awesome, especially 'Jo'.

    It would also be good if you could see the live show as we did. Yes, of course you were there at the actual event (ME=JEALOUS!!) but I think you'd appreciate some of the effects and camera-work as we saw them.. a lot of planning and work obviously went into that side of things. Hopefully a disc release will be forthcoming!

    PS: did you take any piccies of anyone? eg Angie?
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  • I did take a couple right at the very end but it was all really rushed (vodka cocktails and not being allowed to leave a room for an hour means there was a rush for the ladies at the end!) I also don't know how to show them on here, and they're pretty rubbish, More memory photos than anything else!
  • Glad to read about the enjoyment of The event , sadly I couldn't attend , a bout of gastro enteritis made my plans for me . It does give me cheer that it was well received .
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  • Oh that's hard lines, you have my sympathy there!!

    Glad I didn't chance it going to Clapham, nearer work, would have been out of luck by the sound of it. Amazing how many people turned up after the start at Stratford: did they think there were adverts, Alison was gonna hold the curtain for their nachos, or hadn't they learned how to tell the time? meh.
  • They've added a bunch of dates in USA, Canada, and France for the delayed broadcasts at the end of the month - http://goldfrapp.com/film/
  • Can't believe am not experiencing it again tonight. I also hope for a DVD release. It was wonderful
  • BluRay release please!
  • I was hoping for Simone when I saw it taped to one of Angie's keyboards, still hope to hear it live next month.
    BTW, lovely 'making of' film on you tube - see alisons re-tweet of Vue cinema yesterday.
  • WONDERFULL MEETING YOU A is A at the showing last night!!!!!
  • ^ It was great meeting you too!! I think you guys may have some new fans:)
    iuventus said:

    Speaking of gorgeous, who are all the hot guys in your photos?


    Scroll thru the US Cinema Event thread: http://www.goldfrapp.com/forum/discussion/1338/cinema-event-in-the-usa/p3
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • It's a shame Will didn't make an appearance especially as this was a unique event =((
  • It's a shame Will didn't make an appearance especially as this was a unique event =((

    Looking at the film credits I think he was 174% concentrating on getting the sound mix right for the live show.

    Even if we didn't get to see him we at least got his expertise in full effect!
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  • Apart from that bit where Alisons mic cut out
  • I got a "like" from Angie Pollock on Facebook as I said something about who else would have liked to have been in that studio last night? :D
  • aaronnnx said:

    rewak said:

    aaronnnx said:

    I'm surprised there is nothing from Supernature. i was expecting You Never Know or Ooh La La. glad to see paper bag back :)

    Well i was glad there was nothing from Supernature, it wasn't the right setting or time for those tracks... (why the frekkin Ooh La La all the time ?). This was very much a 2014 thing, not 2005 !.
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