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Film & Live perf (cinema simulcast) - 4 Mar 2014
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  • Noosha's son (Ben Goldacre) mentioned a few years ago on Twitter that Noosha was working on material, and she put out a song called Judy Blue a while ago too, went quiet after that.

    I see they've put up dates for screenings in Poland now. You know i was kind of hoping someone might have ripped the sat feed, it was picked up on by a few enthusiast sites and i've seen a bunch of those opera broadcasts show up as well as the Bowie one from a while back. Shame there's been no such luck with this and no word of a release for the live portion :(
  • Just remastered another Fox video from 1975:
    Imagine Me Imagine You

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  • Oops.  I don't know what I did with my comment up there^.  But, anyway.  Wow.  Everything about that is perfect.  The vocals, the band, and, yes, the look.  She looks so effortlessly elegant there.  Eat your heart out, Marlene Dietrich.  
  • Just noticed this - much too late!   


    Tales of Us is a unique cinema event marking the return of one of music’s most captivating and spectacular groups. A previously unseen music film inspired by Goldfrapp’s remarkable new album, followed by an exclusive performance of new and classic songs live on stage, make this a must-see audiovisual experience for fans. With privileged behind-the-scenes access, there’s no better way to explore Goldfrapp’s new direction and sound. When the Little screened this on Tuesday 4th March it sold out, so get your tickets now!


    * Starts at 8:30pm
    Tickets are available on 0871 902 5735 or via www.picturehouses.co.uk. 

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    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • ^ You obviously haven't been on the board for a while. Stick around for news of the repeat showings.
  • There is still no info on the Goldfrapp webpage, about repeat shows in the UK.

    MD found out about that one by another means (albeit too late to go!)... so its a bit crap that encore shows are happening here, but there's nothing being flagged by frapp-central.
  • Still holding out for a nearby repeat show to make up for the Cheltenham Cineworld disaster......
  • Sorry if this has already been put up I only just saw it now... The projections from the thea performance http://youtu.be/AjRBYLdqyBg

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