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Film & Live perf (cinema simulcast) - 4 Mar 2014
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  • I wonder if our international friends understood her little Iceland "joke"? Cant see her and Lisa going down the buy one get one free isle somehow. Sorry, Im still a bit hyper  >:D<
  • Jinx carpy! :D
    "its MY favourite song"
  • Breasts and balloon art.....

  • Oh My God I really hope that this experience will be shown later in Belgium  :-/
  • There were problems at Vue Islington, they didn't let us in until about 7.45, we caught Drew and Annabel, none of the others but at least got to see all of the fantastic live performance. They gave us a free ticket to use at any Vue so all is not lost, just hope this gets a dvd/blu-ray release soon and would like to see 'Jo' on youtube, but really great stuff all the same
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • I've watched ITV a couple of times, so I got that Iceland 'joke'.
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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • ^

    Yeah that was top! ;)
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Vue Cribbs Causeway Bristol excellent sound & vis, absolutely loved it but still need to know why Alvar makes me cry ...
  • I liked the bike motif that carried through the films to the start of Paper Bag...

    Did any other cinema goers suppress the urge to clap after each song?
  • Struggling with internet connection here in plymouth...
    The link between the TOU vids and the live set was brilliant! Not what i was expecting at all. No break-up of video or sound at vue plym. So sorry for those that were less lucky.
    live session was awesome. Clay stands up to Clowns and even Utopia, I'd say.
  • What a truly wonderful evening. It was a mad rush to get home from work & have some food before setting out. I had a ticket for the Cameo in Edinburgh but knew I'd never get there in time so it was a 15 minute drive to the Odeon in Dunfermline and I got there with the countown at 10 minutes. Plenty of time to settle in my premiere seat and wallow in the fact that... I was the only one there! It made for a wonderfully intimate performance and when Alison pointed at us in the cinema..well, it felt very personal :)

    It was such a thrill to see the films for Strange, Laurel & Jo for the first time. Beautiful & sensual with all those images of flowing hair, of water and wind blown trees. The sinister endings to Stranger & Laurel were quite startling too.

    I loved the way the films flowed smoothly in to the live performance and the imaginative set was a delight. Seeing and hearing the show in perfect sound & vision was heavenly too. Alison sounded as perfect as ever & I doubt we'll ever hear her speak as much during a live set as she did tonight.

    Great to hear Paper Bag & Utopia. I'm a big fan of Little Bird & always enjoy the extended version with Alex doing his thing on the guitar. Thea is an ideal way to move in to the more upbeat songs and Train is still a highlight of any set, for me. I hope one day we'll get some theramin action again.

    Only disappointment - the set wasn't long enough. The environment was just made for all the quieter songs - Deer Stop, Eat Yourself etc. I suppose we'll just have to imagine what that would have been like.

    Meantime, fingers crossed for a DVD release and I'll be counting the days and hours until the tour starts.

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  • west coast US starts in 4.5 hours..i wonder how this will be done....hopefully not a stream of teh recording..i hope they got to download the show prior?  not sure how this is all working

  • Manchester Lowry Vue was flawless. The films were mesmerising and I've never seen or heard Alison so clearly.

    What a beautiful voice.

    Did anyone else notice, about two songs in, the beckon-and-very-assertive-FINGER-UP! motion (more volume on vocals)? Made me laugh. You just wouldn't mess... there were tears during Paper Bag (not me, I'm hard) and an uncomfortable lack of applause till the end. Incredible show!

    She's a fox.


  • The switch to the live part was indeed great! And the performance of Thea can be cut out and released as a ready music video for the TV - I think it was fantastic.

    Loved the usual gig gesturing to the sound guy - some things never change :)

    I'm really hoping for BluRay and live CD as well! The quality of the sound was amazing.

    The films contain some stunning imagery, especially of Alison - clearly made by someone who loves her deeply.

    As for duration - I think it was announced as 80 minutes from the very beginning - so that leaves about 45-50 minutes for the live part, and that's what I expected. Then again, there is a tour soon - they rightly kept some things for later :P
    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • Blurrgh....have hardly slept a wink..still buzzing from last night! Think I dreamt at one point about being chased through a supermarket by a mad axe woman, but that's fine!! There were only about ten people at the cinema where we were last night- all I can say is there must be either an awful lot of frustrated people in the East Midlands who couldn't get there due to other commitments, or an awful lot who need to take the cabbages out of their ears and start listening to some Proper Music! What a treat they missed!
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