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Film & Live perf (cinema simulcast) - 4 Mar 2014
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  • VF was that you dancing at the end during strict machine, in the black near the wall? nice outfit ;)

    it was wonderful, i loved it. so sorry to her about the streaming problems some had, i hope you get another chance to se it.
  • I'm trying to remember everything whilst remembering nothing at all! It was incredible. .......We were sat on the balcony in front and to the left of Alison (if you had her POV) .

    There's a moment where you lot could be seen so if it ever appears online or dvd/blu you can try and spot yourself!
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  • Perfect at the Salford Lowry. About 120 people i reckon. So rare you get that quietness to really appreciate everything thats going on in the songs. Blown away by the live show, very atmospheric with the forest setting. Alison sounded amazing and again great to hear that voice with no background noise. Loved how they cut away from the stage for 'Thea' very Talking Heads with those film clips behind Allison. Very well thought out and great song selection throughout. Avsolutely loved the whole thing, Alison very smart in her white suit. Hope we get a DVD !
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  • Beautiful! Good amount of people at the screening i went to in Edinburgh, only one set of annoying people who thankfully managed to contain themselves for most of the show (seriously though, at one point one of them was loudly fake whispering to the other who was giggling away, this is why i don't go to cinemas anymore, there's always THAT person!). Had no problems with the stream up here, shitty for those that did. Only disappointment for me was Little Bird and i wasn't the only one! There were audible groans for quite a few people in the audience when that started up, glad to know i'm not alone in my hatred of that song. I thought they were going to kick into Lee at the start of that, shame they never. Alison looked lovely in her YSL (anyone else stay for the credits?) suit. If they don't release this (DVD/Blu/Digital/something please!) then i'd hope they at the very least use Thea for something, excellent performance!
  • dvd Micky......Blu Ray.....want to see her in HD....lol
  • Sheffield was great, no problems. Anyone else think they were going to play Lee before little bird (I think...)!
  • Alison said on Twitter it would be shown again, do hopefully that means a dvd release.

    I'd love them to do a kickstarter for the next album.....
  • Short but sweet.

    Crowd started applauding from Utopia onward - although it was a bit weird to applaud into nowhere.
    Cinema perhaps 2/3rds full.

    Films needed more naked male arse - I know that Lisa appreciates female form more, but still...

    I wish Drew or Annabel would have been first in order though - as many people started getting in only during the first film.

    Fantastic live show!

    No stream problems thankfully.

    Stayed for the credits ;)
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  • Oh my God. What an experience. Lucky to say we didnt have any sound/vision problems at the Errol Flynn Filmhouse in Northampton! Good to see Ping, RachThatHurt and Big Bird (OK thanks for driving then!)
    The films were very cleverly interwoven to make one long story and great with the break from black and white with Jo in colour in the middle. I thinks its Jo isnt it???
    The close up of Alison then going into the studio and seeing the setting was a surprise to me as just didnt know what to expect. I have to say it was way better than I thought. Gorgeous little Yves Saint Laurent suit and those shoes making Alison just phwoar!!!
    Only downside was just not being able to get up and have a damn good dance but I just rocked heavily in my chair instead. That would be the comfy recliner seats with side table for ones drinks comfiness.
    All in all a MASSIVE thank you to Goldfrapp for ANOTHER sublime evening and I forgive you for the nakedness, ahem.
    :D ;) :x =D>
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  • ^ haha, likewise!
  • We've just got back from Lincoln...wow...what can I say? What a fantastic evening. The show was a gift to us, the fans. The live performance went like clockwork, Alison was beautiful and note perfect as always, the band were amazing, the set was great...! Loved every second of it, it did feel like a cosy intimate get together with friends, we just thought it was surreal and wrong that we didn't feel we could get up and applaud etc after every song! We enjoyed the films too and I could waffle on more about them, but sleep beckons....
    So much hard work has gone into all of this. So grateful to Alison and everyone involved. Goodnight all, so pleased it went so well ( must've been very nerve racking!). I'm so proud to be a Frapper!!!
    It was great to hear Paper Bag as the first track by the way :)
  • nuwebb said:

    dvd Micky......Blu Ray.....want to see her in HD....lol

    Can't tell the difference with my eyesight. :P

    Loved how they sequenced into the live part after the video's finished. How Alison controlled her voice for those 1st few notes god only knows ! We are really lucky to have Goldfrapp doing these wonderful events throughout their career. Top top quality, wish i could go back and watch it all again.

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  • Sound and vision were perfect over here as well.
    Only 12 people attended (we've got a thing called Carnaval over here in the south of the Netherlands, must have something to do with that)
    Loved the setting of the live performance.
    Band on top form.
    Needs a DVD/BluRay release indeed!
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  • Have to echo a few other comments - that segue out of the films into the live set with Alison and her little bike was genius. Suddenly it was "Oooh, we're at the gig bit!" and away they went. Very nicely staged indeed.
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • So who thought the cut away from the films to the studio was a little creepy? Is that the right word? Gently spinning the miniature wheel in time to the opening chords of bpp
    "its MY favourite song"

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