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The Quiz - ANSWERS
  • So you've done the taster (still here QUIZ taste )

    Now for the hard ones.

    Mid Winter Quiz Part 1

    THE ANSWERS ARE IN MY LATEST POST.  I'll post some scores in a bit.

    There's more to come in Part 2, which I'll post at Xmas, so you can have something to do after watching The Queen.

    For Part 1, the idea is the same as in the taster.  Just look at the picture, and name the song.

    Part 2 is a bit different (but not much)

    Post your answers here, in white text, please.


    You get 2 points for a correct answer, but also 2 points for a wrong answer which has a plausible or amusing explanation. (So if you are unsure, say why you've given your answer). Will (the penguin) says that offers of sexual favours get a 2 point bonus, but believe me, you don't want to go there).


    There will be a prize. Alison (the penguin) thinks it should be  fish. Will (the penguin) thinks a sexual favour. I have told them to put their thinking caps on and come up with something more appropriate.

    There is a Part 2, which I will post next weekend, if asked.

    Good luck!

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  • I actually have to get to work, but CANNOT RESIST doing this first. Oh but it's clever and adorable!! So, so adorable!
    I see... (highlighted in white so as not to ruin the fun for everybody else)
    Paper Bag
    Deer Stop??


    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Hahaha! Do you have a license to work with these endangered species? Btw, I believe E. is "Where is the bike that went with this bloody bell? Bloody 'ell!" Perhaps only a classic known at the whisperit household.

    Ps. I LOOOVE your quiz and I would love to take Alison and Will to bed with me...ok, maybe just Alison...sorry Will.

    (Pps. I'd ask you to be my boyfriend if I wasn't such a raging lesbian xo)
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    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Woo - festive fun! Alison and Will looking in fine fettle there!

    Hm, I'd guess these (in white):

    Paper bag
    Road to somewhere
    Number 1
    All night operator?

  • Thank yous. Good effort, people. Though these are the easy ones - and no-one has got them all right yet.

    Genius idea to put the answers in white highlight. That's the sort of creative thinking we're going to need when Alison and Will (the penguins) post the full quiz.

    PS @Ponygurl - and I'd want you for my girlfriend if I hadnt already promised ping first dibs when she turns straight
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  • You´re a genius, W !!!
    What a great quiz. Well done! =D>

    Here are my answers in white:
    1. Paper bag
    2. Alive
    3. Fly me away
    4. Number 1
    5. Annabel

    Now I´m going to check what HB and Ponys´ anwers are....
    Let me know how I did, OK?
    And say hi to your friends the penguins from me.
  • Great quiz, thanks. Here are my answers, in the approved format.
    A Paper Bag (Made for a hat)
    B A&E
    C Utopia (wired to the world)
    D Number 1
    E Annabel

    I trust no penguins were harmed in the making of this quiz.
  • My guesses....

    1 - Paper Bag
    2 - A&E
    3 - Utopia
    4 - Number 1
    5 - Andabel.

    Marvelous idea and Will and Alison look adorable if a little chilly.... :)
    '' Sometimes I think I've felt everything I'm ever going to feel and from here on out I'm not going to feel anything new, just lesser versions of what I've already felt ''
  • I think Bottlehead hit it first. "Bloody ell"indeed! I didn't recognize it. I have the old tymey ones and a horn of course:)
    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • Now you're getting the idea!

    I will post the official answers, plus some pointers to how to think like a penguin, in a day or two.

    I'll put up Part 1 of the quiz proper on the weekend.

  • whisperit said:

    ...plus some pointers to how to think like a penguin, in a day or two.

    Errrr.... Wak wak wak ?
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  • coolio, 

    i got...

    1> paper bag
    2> a&e
    3> utopia
    4> number 1
    5> annabel

    it took a while to get the last one d'oh!
  • 1 Paper Bag
    2 A&E
    3 Time out From The World
    4 Number 1
    5 Clay

    all guesses some may be way of the mark, haven't checked others answers yet either ;)

    good one Whisper It

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • I realise now i got 2 wrong. (and i think border_mind, you got the same 2 wrong.) 3 and 5 def the trickiest!
  • ah well such is life H_J you could be right there, but then again until Whisper posts the answers we won't any of us know for sure right? ;)

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • I hope someone can explain 2 to me (in white please, so we don´t spoil the game for others).
    It is very simple for native English speaking people apparently, but I don´t really get it..

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