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The Quiz - ANSWERS
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  • Jeronimoo

    2, A&E as they are in hospital conditions, maybe you don't call it Accident & Emergency, I think I read you are from Holland, this maybe explains it An A&E department is called a "spoedeisende hulp".- t

    Maybe I misread you being from Holland, I'm not sure....

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    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • ^ Haha. Oh yes - what the Dutch call "spoedeisende hulp", we call A&E.
  • Thanks B_M!
    You're right about me being from Holland and you're also right about the spoedeisende hulp. I didn't know that Accident & Emergency meant the same.
    Thanks for clearing that up for me. How did you know the Dutch words for it?

    Concerning the penguins, I thought Alive could be a good answer to the quiz as well, because penguin Alison is happy that penguin Will is OK after an accident. I bet all the Goldfrapp fans would be happy, too.
  • haha,
    reading back my previous message and all the others with the blanked out parts, this thread is getting funnier and funnier...
  • Argh, but now my post looks redundant and daft. (B_M originally posted just a link to a webpage explaining what the terms were in Dutch and English.. but then I guess he edited his post to say it more directly.)

    Yes... thread going a bit bonkers now ;-)
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  • Oh, HJ, dont't worry 'bout looking a bit silly. Posts missing eachother or being accidentally posted on the wrong page happen all the time here.

    About "spoedeisende hulp". Nobody in Holland uses the term in normal day talk. It is just something that is displayed in large neon letters above the entrance. So when people from abroad come up with the phrase, they usually know it because they have actually been at the spoedeisende hulp. So I was already worried that BM got himself involved in some kind of drugs and booze related accident....

    (Just joking here, BM)! :)

    BM using a website to find the term, explains a lot...
  • The answers.

    a. Paper Bag (makes for a hat). Obvs.

    b. A & E (Accident and Emergency - Will (the penguin) having refused to wear a backless dress made it a bit harder, "Alive" is a decent guess, but Alison and Will (the penguins) did one for that which involved an open grave. I told them that was lacking in taste, and it didnt make the cut.

    c. Utopia. They are wired to the world, of course (even if they dont know everything)

    d. Number 1. Another easy one.

    e. It's Alison and Will (the penguins) an'-a-bell. Geddit? Annabel

    So those were the easy ones to warm you up. The proper quiz is a bit harder. I will post Part 1 on the weekend.

  • Looking forward to the full quiz, W!
  • So from this point on, its the Quiz proper - Part 1.

    Explanation is in the edited  thread title. Here's the link again.

    Quiz Part 1
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  • OMG I will DEFINITELY have a sleepless night now. And I hold you responsible for it, Whisperit!!!
    ????????????????????????????????????? :-O
  • right here are my complete guesses  thought through and considered answers... 

    1> when glasses come out of the dish washer not only are they shiny, but they're warm as well
    2> that meerkat is a bit weird i think a three way between them would be a monster-ous kinda love
    3> why are they dressed up like that?! tut some people...
    4> there's nothing on that menu they fancy, might as well eat yourself
    5> thats nice, they're looking in the gardens at little birds
    6> it's night time so they must be dreaming
    7> you know who loves a folktale? ulla loves a folktale thats who.
    8> i've seen those legs somewhere before, they look almost human 

    please let penguin will know... me love him long time... 
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  • ^Excellent, ping. You have got them ALL wrong, except one, but your answers are actually better than Alison and Will's (the penguins). Don't tell them I said that, though.

    HINT: Alison and Will (the penguins) know the lyrics to all the songs.

    Er....and what about questions 9 and 10?

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  • ooh i didn't even see 9 & 10, as i'm on such a roll i'll have a look at them and hopefully (fingers crossed) get them wrong too! :) 
  • Well done Mister Whisper for doing all the preparation for this! :-)
    These are muuuuuuucho harder than the pre-quiz ones.
    Here is my first stab at them... but there are barely any that I'm confident of.

    1 I wanna life (lyric)
    2 Drew (scene near end of video)
    3 A&E (God knows about this one.,. err, is that a black mac Will is wearing?)
    4 Eat yourself
    5 Thea (lyric)
    6 All night operator?
    7 Some people (lyric)
    8 White soft rope (OK, i really haven't the foggiest on this one?)
    9 Little death (um, if literal... otherwise subject matter would be tricky to do!)
    10 Pilots (on a star)

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  • That's very good, HJ.

    Strictly speaking, you got 2 right, but another 2 would probably fit equally well.

    Will (the penguin) says that ping is still ahead, as he's heard she'll do anything for a sardine supper.

    I'll have words with him.

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