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The Quiz - ANSWERS
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  • Haha, TWO!
    C'mon @Jeronimooo (and others)... you must be able to beat that! :-)

  • Will (the penguin) says that ping is still ahead, as he says he's heard she'll do anything for a sardine supper.

  • Haha, TWO! C'mon @Jeronimooo (and others)... you must be able to beat that! :-)

    I AM WORKING ON IT, OK !!!!!

    Geezzzz. nervewrecking this game is. I am pretty sure I know 1, 5 and 7. And I have a hunch on 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. As for 3 I am still clueless.

    Give me some more time, OK? I am still trying to solve the lot.

  • 1 I Wanna Life
    2 Stranger
    3 Little Bird
    4 Alvar
    5 Sartorious
    6 Horse tears
    7 Some People
    8 Human
    9 Time Out From the World
    10 Forever

    Workings sent as a PM to whisperit
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  • I gotta say - bottlehead is ON FIRE!
  • Although I am not 100% satisfied with all my answers, the pressure is getting too high for me. So I will give my answers now, maybe coming up with a better idea later (not totally happy with 2, 4 and 8).

    In the answers I first give the title and then the part of the lyrics that explains it.

    1. I wanna life (lyrics: “I search alone on empty glasses”)
    2. Stranger
    3. Little bird (lyrics: “the shiny blackest crow … had two mouths for eyes”)
    4. Eat yourself
    5. Pilots (lyrics: “outside the rain just falls”)
    6. Utopia (lyrics: “it´s a strange day / no colours or shapes”)
    7. Some people (lyrics: “all the poems written in your skin”)
    8. This is the new shit (Marilyn Manson remix)
    9. Time out from the World (lyrics: “I make a shrine for you”)
    10. Forever (lyrics: “like a blossom way out there on a star”)

    This quiz was really hard for me, as I do not listen to lyrics very carefully. So I have read all the booklets now...

    And again, Whisper: good job. I really enjoyed your quiz!!!!
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  • Yes, the serious players are out now....

    Jeronimooo -  would you like a pm with some hints on the ones you've just missed?
  • whisperit said:

    Yes, the serious players are out now...

    Are you suggesting they weren't out before???
    HJ I wouldn't take that from him if I were you...
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  • ^ LOL!

    Whisper, can you PM me and let me know if I'm right about the following, please?

    I think the 2 I got properly-right are 1 and 7?

    The 2 that don't match yours but "fit"... I assume would be 5 (certainly matches the lyrics ) and err... 2, 4 or 10??

    Thanks again for devising a devilishly difficult quiz! I reckon Alison and Will (the humans) would be hard pressed to get them all! :-)
  • I'll PM clues to all the questions to anyone who asks!

    And dn't dismay - remember, creative, witty and plausible wrong answers count for the same as "right" answers
  • Hmmm, here goes nothin'


    U R I E L
    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • Good try, Ponygurl. You got a couple right, too!

    I will PM you some clues.
  • Oooh now THIS is a challenge!

    Completely off the subject for a moment but, has anyone noticed that Alison's pose in the header above has changed, shifted to head on hand? Nice touch no!? It's the little things:)
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • ^yes, she's stuck on number 8

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