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Amsterdam setlist
  • Jo
    Yellow Halo
    Little Bird
    You Never Know
    Ride A White Horse
    Ooh La La
    Lovely Head
    Strict Machine
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  • Blimey, I hope 'Yellow Halo' is... more emotionally controlled this time. And nice to see Thea there! :-)

    Note: there is a "European tour/adventure" thread too, where people are posting about this gig (and others).
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  • I didn't mind the emotions when she performed YH last (first) time. Made it even more heart-felt.
    I was expecting a little bit more low key setlist though. Not that I'm complaining. :)
  • Thea eh?
  • Yup. :) (Y)
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  • Excited!
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  • What a nice set list! I look forward to hear thea live
  • They added Annabel and Clay before YH! :)
  • Just got back, emotionally exhausted. Excellent concert!!!!
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    I'm actually pretty underwhelmed by the setlist. Ditch Alvar and put Simone in, ditch Little Bird and put Utopia in, get RAWH out and put Twist in, and get Train out and put Hunt in, and put Forever in at the start of the second set. That's what i'd do.
  • ^ Jeez, you're hard to please! Lol. The only mod I'd go along with is the 'forever' addition.
  • Simone's my favourite from Tales, i've made my hate of LB quite known by now and i don't think anyone could deny Utopia packs a larger punch, you don't need Train and Strict together, and i just wish they would do Twist again. The end of the set has been too much the same since Supernature, toss in some stuff we haven't heard much of please.
  • Hi everyone, just got back home from the Amsterdam gig. Jeez what a gig !!!
    @rewak: I am afraid I disagree on the changes you recommend. If Goldfrapp is ever going to release a very very very best of - album, the Amsterdam setlist would do for me just fine !!!

    Adrenaline is still gushing through my veins; won't be able to sleep for a couple of hours, I think.

    During the concert, a girl standing behind me was almost constantly whispering "she's so cool she's so cool she's so cool".
    And boy, Alison was cool indeed!!

  • Any setlist without 'Happiness' is a winner, given the practice time involved, I sincerely doubt there'll change it (and I hope they jolly well don't either) . I'm not a massive fan of the Bolan/Erasure years (in some respects) but I'll happily concede those tracks sound bigger and better live, far more than I'd expected.
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  • noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! that really hurts :((  not just Ride A White Horse but Ooh La La, Train, Strict Machine & Thea!!!!!! my most wanted to hear live tracks...... :-<  not going to be able to sleep tonight now :(
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  • glad all who went had a great time.... J
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....

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