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Amsterdam setlist
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  • What a short setlist... Seriously ? [-(

    But oh well, Thea is here !
  • rewak said:


    I'm actually pretty underwhelmed by the setlist. Ditch Alvar and put Simone in, ditch Little Bird and put Utopia in, get RAWH out and put Twist in, and get Train out and put Hunt in, and put Forever in at the start of the second set. That's what i'd do.

    Just woke up in the middle of the night and still not sure whether I'm dreaming or not.
    Underwhelmed? Rewak? Seriously? You clearly were not there!!
    Amazing gig. One of the best Frapp gigs I've ever had the pleasure to be a part of.
    Such a rare joy to have a gobsmacked silent(!!!) Paradiso crowd.
    Off to sleep again now.

    If I still make no sense in the afternoon, pinch me.
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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • rewak said:

    , toss in some stuff we haven't heard much of please.

    That's where you're so wrong Rewak.
    To start a setlist with songs they've never played before over here, was a very bold move imho.
    To follow those new tracks with a heartstopping version of Yellow Halo ( almost everyone around us wanted to know what track that was )
    After those tracks we got a couple of crowd pleasers that raised the roof effortlelsy, so what?
    Yeeezzzz.... You're hard to please mister.
    Just to remind you: most of us Dutchies had to wait 3+ years to see the lovely Frapp again.
    Stop b*tching ;)
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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • It's the end of the set, it hasn't really changed since Seventh Tree, and when you've been following them for so many tours you can sort of check out when the new stuff is done because it's always at the start of the set. It's just, c'mon they have a great back catalog at this point, why stick to this certain set of songs, mix it up! And again, having two 7-minute extended version songs in the same set is just a bad idea, have one and then replace the other with 2 normal length songs. It's what i predicted, that's why it bugs me so much i think, i like surprises and it just didn't surprise me i.e underwhelmed me. I'm not saying it's a bad set (except for Little Bird), i just hope they don't forget all the other stuff they haven't done since it was released because it's all good stuff.
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  • This is why bands sometimes hate their fans.
    They're not doing these shows just to cater us fans.
    And coming from the Netherlands, I've seen quite a lot of shows with different set closers.
    Utopia, Black Cherry (one of my faves, didn't get that tonight, but I'm not complaining), Number One, Rocket (was a hit over here)
    Anyhew, Rewak, if you're complaining about a band that plays about 50% new material, you're pretty hard to please.
    Come on.
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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • I'm not complaining about the NEW stuff in the set, i'm complaining about the OLD stuff in the set! And if the shows aren't catering to fans, who are they catering to? Who else is gonna buy a ticket to come see them, the local church group?
  • There's actually a LOT of people who wanted to hear those hits.
    Like I said, we had to wait 3+ years over here in the Netherlands to see them again.
    If you don't realise these people are actually very happy to hear those OLD songs I just don't know what you expect.
    2 hours of fan service and a dissapointed crowd?
    Please be aware that us AVID fans just make up about 2% of the crowd.
    Do you really think Goldfrapp base their setlist on pleasing Rewak?
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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • toss in Slide In and no complaints here...always going to have the "hits" tossed in.....who cares...it's Goldfrapp live.....every tour has been phenomenal 
  • Dont care abt the list.. did anyone record Thea?? Wanna hear it live..
  • rewak said:

    ditch Little Bird

    This one got A LOT of cheers and applause from the audience during the instrumental intro, so clearly people still want to hear it.
  • Now that I am fully awake after a night of Frapping adrenaline, and the gig has sunk into my guts, I found some time to think about Rewak’s remarks.

    I agree on Rewak’s statement that the shows are there for the fans. But I am happy to say dat not all fans have the same preferences. For example, on the Little Bird issue I just disagree with Rewak. Sorry. The “extended” version was really cool. I also think that starting the gig with TOU tracks was a clever move. Because the older stuff is somewhat more “snappy”, they built up the evening quite well by starting with Jo, Drew, Stranger, etc. and ending with Ride a white horse and Ooh La La.

    And then the idea to ditch Alvar from the setlist. What a waste that would be. It is live sooooooo much better than on vinyl. I believe Alvar was the moment that the drummer (who was really cool) lost the fluffy thing at the end of his drumstick (sorry, don’t know the Dutch word for it, let alone the English word). This says a lot about the energy that was in the life performance of Alvar.

    So: thumbs up for the Paradiso setlist, if you ask me!
  • Beautiful set, so brave, rewak needs a cd player not a live concert and leave that ticket for people who would ACTUALLY appreciate it.
  • I believe Paradiso was sold out after all, so I bet there are people out there who would have loved to get the extra ticket you are now giving away ;)
  • Beautiful set, so brave, rewak needs a cd player not a live concert and leave that ticket for people who would ACTUALLY appreciate it.

    Christ excuse me for voicing my opinion, I mistook this place for a fucking forum >:/

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