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Amsterdam setlist
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  • A Goldfrapp concert is never boring. Period.
  • Was a great show. Previous concerts have always been a little hindered by certain audience members. This was  the first time I'd seen Goldfrapp since the Black Cherry tour and it was superb. I would've liked to have heard Utopia and Strict Machine being played just after Train seemed odd due to their rhythmic similarity but I was happy to have been there. The Paradiso was an ideal venue for them. I was just curious about the current band. Do they feature on the record? I'm hoping for a more extensive tour next year as I can't make Hammersmith.
  • How do they get away with these short sets at this stage in their career?  It's not like they only have 1 or 2 albums to select from.  Shame.
  • Quality, not quantity.
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  • Premium quality, that is..!
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  • Yeah, sure, but it's not an "either/or" proposition. 

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