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Amsterdam setlist
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  • rewak said:

    Beautiful set, so brave, rewak needs a cd player not a live concert and leave that ticket for people who would ACTUALLY appreciate it.

    Christ excuse me for voicing my opinion, I mistook this place for a fucking forum >:/

    Apology accepted .
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  • Yes this is a forum.
    So if you're voicing your opinion and if people (who were actually there) don't agree with that opinion, you can expect some comments on that.
    Judging from the top of the page this is a Goldfrapp forum, not a Rewak forum.
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  • stevil said:

    toss in Slide In and no complaints here...always going to have the "hits" tossed in.....who cares...it's Goldfrapp live.....every tour has been phenomenal 

    Nope, not when i saw them at Hollywood Bowl.. sound was terrible.. it was too bad because A&W &co deserved better for such a hi-profile venue... still enjoyed it, though.. i thank them for opening with Utopia..

  • @rewak:
    I DO value your opinion. And because this is a forum, I tried to explain what my opinion is, and why. Don’t feel offended, for this indeed is a forum (or, “fucking forum”, as you named it). ;-)
  • I don't mind if people have a different opinion, that would be stupid. What i do mind is someone telling my i'm unappreciative or somehow less of a fan because i have a different opinion than them, which is what i was replying to [-(
  • Just ignore it, Rew. I mean, why should you care what anyone thinks you think about someone else?
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  • I had to fight my tears when she delivered Clay. Alison really puts so much emotion into some of the more sensitive songs that all I could think of is how much of a modern day Edith Piaf she really is. Thea and Yellow Halo were nice surprises. I could have done without the crowd pleasers myself: we've heard them before and before and before but like Dreeke said: people want to hear them. So they're there. A bit more acoustic Tales like and a bit less electric and the setlist would have been perfect. But I'm not complaining: I've never seen her in better shape vocally. And the wardrobe malfunction was funny. And Alison was funny: she showed a great sense of humor and positivity and smiles and warmth to the audience. She was truly wonderful yesterday.
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  • Totally agreed about Clay - it always hits close to home for me (I guess this is not surprising considering the source of the inspiration for the song).

    And the wardrobe malfunction joke + giggling that ensued when she started to adjust her bra strap several songs later = hilarity.
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  • wardrobe malfunction?? what happened?? :)
  • Girl stuff. You know, someting with a bra.
  • oh ok i know! i havent noticed anything on the videos :)
  • Had a great time a yesterday in Paradiso. Alvar is my most favourite track on Tales of Us so far and live it was even better! Another great moment was You never Know, one of my favourites on Supernature. The show was very minimalistic without the glitter horses en horse tails, but her voice was so good to hear live!! P.S. Who give a white rose to Alison?
  • I know he was standing behind me and he wasn't subtle trying to get closer to the stage.. But that's all I know :) She seemed to appreciate it, even though I couldn't exactly hear what she was saying.
  • Rewak, what I meant is you seem to expect something completely different than the artist is offering, maybe if it distresses you so much you could like, stop going to the gigs? Just an idear...
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  • Actually, it does't seem to me that Rew is "distressed" at all. On the contrary, he has a well argumented suggestion for the setlist. Look, for me, Paradiso was my first live experience with Alison. Each and every track was spectacular, but I do understand what Rew means when he gives a warning not to bore out people who have seen them more than once or twice. So it might just be a little to early to give his tickets away, don't you think...? ;-)
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