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Film & Live perf (cinema simulcast) - 4 Mar 2014
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  • Where's the gig that's being broadcast being played at?

    Have I missed out on it?
  • Where's the gig that's being broadcast being played at?

    Have I missed out on it?

    It's a 84 min event, being the film a short, I think the rest is going to be the gig itself
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  • It's at Air Studios in London, Phil. (So far) no-one's been publicly invited to attend that.

    EDIT: Looking up details, it's a recording studio... not a concert-type venue.
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  • Bugger I bought a ticket for Bristol and they are showing it in Cheltenham where I live! My own silly fault for not waiting....ah well it's only money lol
  • First to book 2 seats in Thanet VUE! It will likely have zero atmos but don't care - get in there! Whoop whoop!
  • Booked for the Vue in Edinburgh since the Cameo/Picturehouse site kept crashing and since the Cineworld price was £5 more just because it's Cineworld.
  • We're lucky to have 3 cinemas in Edinburgh to choose from. Although it doesn't have an underground car park, I'll be going to the Cameo - my favourite cinema.

    Surprised to see Thurso on the list. The smallest, most far-flung place in the country, undoubtedly. Wonder if there's a big Goldfrapp fanbase there.
  • Yes I've had a day of not reading things properly and it's got me into no end of trouble. It was VIP that sold out, so panic over (I followed the movie event link from FB) and IQ not very sparky....

  • £18.50 for Wimbledon ! Crikey... Bit steep isn't ?!
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  • Yeah it's not cheap, approx £13 for standard seats at Vue, but that's about the going rate for cinema these days.
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  • Ultrauk said:

    £18.50 for Wimbledon ! Crikey... Bit steep isn't ?!

    That's just the normal seats.... Lol
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  • Blimey - my "VIP" deluxe seat in the VUE was only £10.40!
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  • I was at the Cameo, in Edinburgh, yesterday and they confirmed that it will be showing on the main screen. The woman at the box office also told me that they'd sold 30 tickets to members in the past week so no worries about getting one on Monday when the public sale opens. I don't expect to pay more than £10 either :)
  • ^ Glad everybody is getting tickets for less than the price of a significant limb. Very envious. Pah families and their crap.
  • The Liverpool Showcase didn't offer any kind of VIP. Be lucky if you have the option! haha :)

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