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Film & Live perf (cinema simulcast) - 4 Mar 2014
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  • Yeah, I don't think they have sent out the requested e-mails yet?

    I can see why they might be a bit thrown off course, but its annoying for ppl like me, who've forked out for tickets in far-away venues, if we then find they're doing them closer to home, after all. Would have been OK if a) they'd set a definite cutoff date and b) the cinemas had held back selling the tix.

    But thanks, Sally, for the info!
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  • I don't know if that helps or hinders, but the management definitely didn't think people would be buying tickets yet, and I think that probably goes some way to explaining why the 'launch' hasn't really happened the way they wanted it to. 

    I can't believe that management have so little understanding of how cinemas promote special events and/or have so little understanding of what Goldfrapp fans are like!
  • ^ I'm not surprised.
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  • Why would they be surprised?  The "film" page on the band's official site gives you direct links to purchase tickets from some of the UK venues.  Maybe they meant they were pleasantly surprised that people were already scooping up tickets this far in advance?  
  • Fascination seem to live up to their name, they seem fascinated that there's a demand for anything.
  • I've booked two seats, front row centre, at the Stratford Picturehouse.  (£13 each to old codgers.)

    It looks as though the Stratford Picturehouse has, as yet, sold very few tickets.
  • but its annoying for ppl like me, who've forked out for tickets in far-away venues, if we then find they're doing them closer to home, after all. 

    Perhaps you could sell the far-away venue tickets to another fan?

    I've booked for the nearest cinema to where I live (one stop on the tube, a not very long bus ride or about 25 minutes walk).  *smug*
  • I didn't really understand that bit either... Why release some dates and not all. From what I glean, they went 'live' with the cinemas they had confirmed when they realised people were buying tickets already, because they didn't want people buying tickets to venues far away, then buying nearby tickets and there being empty seats in the cinema which would 'look bad'. (Let's face it there are going to be plenty of empty seats regardless!).

    It's all been handled badly. But then, when is anything goldfrapp related handled well?!
  • So far, just 9 tics have been sold at the VUE near Margate
  • Yeah, at VUE Plymouth, only 4 standard and 5 VIP (inc mine) seats have been booked.

    I wasn't that ranty about the availability/release situation... if I don't use the Plymouth one, it's max of £12 wasted.
  • Clapham Picturehouse seems to be selling well so far. Approx 52 seats sold. Small venue
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  • apparently the team are really shocked that people have booked cinema tickets already.  

    Thanks for that, it does actually help, as it somewhat explains how this seems to be going so slowly...

    On the same note, @KeithJ_gmb - yes, do they not know what us deers are like? ;)

    What worries me now is the email of the 31st, where they no longer talk about adding new coutries, only cities... (The website still says countries, but I fear that's just an update issue.)

    It's looking bleak for Norway............
  • Looking like 6 of the 208 sold for Gateshead....and all have gone for the comfy VIP seats!

    Considering the link from the map/city website is still broken such that it goes to a wrong cinema page or says that no screenings exist those 6 people have probably found their own way there!
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  • There are over 70 seats gone at the cinema I'm going to! Quite impressive really. 
  • There's 4 including me at the cinema i'm going to

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