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Brighton Dome gig - 29 March 2014
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  • ^ He does know about it, he'll switch setting to 'public' this eve. :-)
  • Thank for sharing your photos Paulin n Mark. My compact camera can't cope so I don't think i got any usable ones. Maybe over easter Ill have a sort out of my Frapp pics from last year and this. I should have taken my camera really as they didn't bag search. Mark were you the guy  I met  at Wagon and horses with the Cannon zoom lens? Apologies if I'm confused. I met a lot of boardies. 

    One who's name Ive already forgotten but he said he was already pissed....... before the gig. 
    Facebook won't load for me now but Im sure Ill be able to look at Fenlanders and HJs pics soon.

    I need a bit more sleep now.  I should be editing. Having massive arguments with Camera raw updates. As I can't afford to pay for a proper version of Photoshop. Im either going to cry, do my laundry or go back to bed. 

    Want more Frapp gigs tho.

  • ^ come to Bristol...
  • tues canne do. seriously thinking bout wed eve tho...
  • st185cs said:

    Here's a few of mine posted on Flickr - hope you like.  Mark 

    Thank you - some seem to be enjoying the pics as I've had over 1700 image hits in the last 24 hours
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  • st185cs said:

    st185cs said:

    Here's a few of mine posted on Flickr - hope you like.  Mark 

    Thank you - some seem to be enjoying the pics as I've had over 1700 image hits in the last 24 hours

    It was nice to meet you and your wife, Mark.

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    "I think it is our job to dream"
  • Fantastic photos @Halloween_Jack.  Definitely worth the wait!  I nearly made it in as I was 2 seats away from Alice.  
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • What an absolutely fabulous evening (and, indeed, weekend - Sunday excepted).

    I benefited hugely from a far better seating position compared to Salford (row J as opposed to row V) & not having tall people in front of me. The company of the very wonderful Laura also added to the occasion and I must thank Visual Fallacy for the tickets.

    Yes, the seating position helped make it a far more immersive experience and I got the benefit of the light show, which I couldn't always appreciate in Salford.

    Needless to say, the performance was sublime & had all the hallmark effects of a great Goldfrapp show - a sense of wonder, goosebumps, moist eyes, actual tears, exhiliration, inept dancing, roars of approval and a standing ovation. Oh yes, and the sense that it lasted no time at all.

    I find that at every show, there's always one song that I find particularly affecting. Usually a different song every time and it could be an upbeat song or a quieter one. No idea why this is the case.This evening, it was 'Clay'. Alison's delivery was so heartfelt, the impact was especially moving.

    After a show like that, you want to experience it again and thankfully, I have the Glasgow gig to look forward to. That'll make the return to work tomorrow more bearable.

    What made the weekend extra special was the gathering of so many of the good folk from the GMB (yes, I'll always call it that - old habits die hard!). Old friends and those I hadn't met before. Great to have so much time before and after the show to socialise over a few drinks. Even better to also have the Friday night get-together as well, with those in town that night.

    I hope there are similar opportunities during future tours and that we don't have to wait over 3 years before such a tour takes place.

    Finally, thanks to st185cs, Halloween Jack and Fenlander62 for the photos - always a special buzz to seeing those from shows you were at.
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  • Just wanted to thank @CaravanGirl and Alice again for helping me get into my first proper Goldfrapp gig, and what a great seat at that -- dead center and down front! What an amazing experience, and wonderful to meet other Goldfrapp fans -- @Halloween_Jack, Steve and his wife, etc. Bit of a haul back to London afterwards, but well worth it.

    Been playing catch up since home from London, so just now getting back on the forum. I put together a little playlist of some very short video clips that I took -- wasn't sure how recording would be received there, so kept at a minimum and was really just enjoying watching the show -- http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLKaHN-ZvOW6rQEuTRcMJGZhv2Q2lecGjH

    Suede shows I went to were great as well. There are lots of articles out about the epic Royal Albert Hall show they put on Sunday night. Actually got into the after party where 3 out of the 5 band members were still hanging out. Crazy weekend! There is actually a connection to Goldfrapp -- Alex Lee toured with Suede near the tail end of the first phase of their career. He was with them the first time I saw Suede live,and now with Goldfrapp my first time seeing one of their shows! I've also seen him perform with Placebo. Really gets around.
  • Glad u got back ok and nice to meet you post gig scifi.
  • "What an absolutely fabulous evening (and, indeed, weekend - Sunday excepted).....", etc. etc......

    What he/you said!! :D
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