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Brighton Dome gig - 29 March 2014
  • I've started this so as not to fill-up the general tour thread with Brighton-related stuff.

    Where people are sitting... and staying:

    8bitcruncherStalls B 44
    aaronnnxStalls E 44Kings hotel
    alex_fStalls A 44Ibis
    CaravanGirlStalls C 43Brighton House HotelArr. Friday
    chokkaStalls E
    dcbaxterStalls C 42Travelodge
    DreekeStalls C 32,33TravelodgeArr. Friday
    Fenlander62Stalls G 35Atlantic Seafront hotel
    GiancarloStalls E 41New Madeira
    Halloween_JackStalls G 34w/friendsArr. Friday
    KeithJ_gmbStalls J 36Hotel NeoArr. Friday
    LauraStalls J 35w/friends
    NovaLasingStalls C 34,35
    paolotCircle E
    paulnStalls B 37,38
    PookaStalls D 40-43
    st185csStalls D 31,32Ibis
    thathurtStalls B 54Shit piece St James area
    tweetyCircle A 15,16Seafront Travelodge
    UltraukStalls A 45,46
    UnaStalls D 44Hotel Una!Arr. Friday
    VisualFallacyStalls E 36,37IbisArr. Friday
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  • going - yep.  (yet to get a ticket but will work something out)


    staying - my friend's sofa / "someone's" house (depending on if we're still seeing each other.  yep.  got another fling on the go.  with a Brightonian.  HA.)


    Drinking - waggon and horses.  before and after the gig.

  • ^Be great to see you again Laura! Sally has spare ticket(s) I think?

    Here is a google maps link to the 'Waggon and Horses' pub (which is very near the venue).
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  • Britannia Albion is already fully booked.
    Still looking

  • Me and Marlou are going!

    We're staying at the Travelodge Brighton Seafront hotel.

    Waggon and Horses for drinks then!
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  • Think it will be the travelodge too but might find somewhere quirkier

  • I have lots of friends in Brighton/Hove (lived there for 20 years) so hope to stay with one of them.

    Unfortunately very few have more than one spare bed(room) so can't really help others with accom.
  • Travelodge booked. Saver non refund at £35 :)
    Actually looks ok for a travelodge and many places won't book a single night in Brighton on a Saturday.
  • i have seat e44 :)
    staying at the kings hotel 
  • ^Be great to see you again Laura! Sally has spare ticket(s) I think?

    Here is a google maps link to the 'Waggon and Horses' pub (which is very near the venue).

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  • Missed the early tickets (meeting) and only rear stalls left so I think I will take my chances on the public sale in the morning. Travelodge looks a good option
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  • I've added people's seats to the first post. If anyone wants theirs added, or an update of stalls/circle or seat number, then just mention it here...
  • Tweety - tbc

    Thanks H J!!
    "its MY favourite song"
  • I'm Stalls A seats 45 & 46 if u want to update the above :)
    Music Junkie
  • Travelodge now £85 so it's camping up the road in the van for us...

    Seated in Stalls D31/32 and no keeping the entrance threshold warm for hours beforehand!


  • OK, i think I've updated all the info that's been posted. Might add another column for where-staying...
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