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Brighton Dome gig - 29 March 2014
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  • Had a cracking day (it was actually sunny and quite warm!) and a brilliant night.

    Hung out and caught up with lots of old frappfriends, and met a few new ones for the first time, namely: Border_mind, Giancarlo, st185cs, Pooka, SciFi_lullaby and Alice. Sorry if I forgot to mention any other new-to-me forumers!

    The Dome had very relaxed security, and I ended up taking my bag into the venue, which just happened to contain my DSLR camera. Was 7th row, so didn't get anything brilliantly clear, but there should be a few worth keeping.

    The gig itself was pretty faultless, with Alison on top form and making a few funny comments. "I beg your pardon?" when somebody shouted out something unintelligible (twice). Think it was same setlist as Salford?
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  • Set list:
    Yellow Halo
    Little Bird
    You Never Know
    Number One
    Ride A White Horse
    Lovely Head
    Strict Machine

    Great gig.Alison and band on top form.Perfect performance.No errors as mentioned in previous gig.I do like the Brighton Dome.My third Frapp gig here and always a fantastic crowd.For once didn't have to queue to get in,but had to queue for the gents!  What's that all about!!
    Good seat in second row but would have preferred standing and being crushed within an inch of my life.We were up,down,up,down...
    Anyway,more of the same tomorrow in Portsmouth. Bloody hell it's 3am already.

  • A superb performance in a lovely venue, enhanced by the great time in the company of the GMB/forum people.

    I'll say more when I'm more clear headed. Currently locked out of my hotel & having to wait hours for the staff to open the establishment!
  • @KeithJ_gmb oh no ...

    @Halloween_Jack, Una, Keith, Dreeke, Mark, Jayne, Pete, Peter, Alex, Alice, Gro, Visual Fallacy, Laura, mode_devotion, ... (I'm forgetting someone for sure) : happy to have met you all !

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  • It was a pleasure to be sat next to you Giancarlo. Enjoy Portsmouth tonight! :)
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • Sounds like you all had a great time! Seems as if Ooh La La has been dropped for good then ;)
    Cannot wait to see some of you again on Tuesday in Bristol, must get my seat no from my friend!
  • Guess who forgot to note down seat numbers so I could see where people were sitting and say hi? Checked when I got home and realised I was just a few seats and one row away from dcbaxter. Sorry I didn't say hi.

    The "I beg your pardon" response was to somebody asking if Alison had got married. 

    Second row was my best ever spot for a Goldfrapp gig. I thought the pace was slower than previously because of the Tales of Us stuff at the start - which I love - but hence took a while for some of the "crowd pleasers" to get people up and dancing.
  • I really enjoyed it all. And meeting up afterwards as I didnt have to dash off for a change. Hi all. There were less technical probs than the opening night so im glad I went. My head is less glad right now.

    8bit... There are many doors to the dome so no queue. Its always seems to be open anyway for their cafe/gallery so maybe some came in earlier on.
  • Gawd the sitting down thing got silly. We were mostly all up n dancing when security tried to clear the walkway (fire regs prob) and pple thought we all had to sit down which we did not unless you were blocking the walkway. I kept getting nagged to sit down by the audience behind me. Ffs. Bit subdued for a brighton crowd where I was sat. Row B best ever view.
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  • Oh my god that was really good wasn't it.
  • Being dead centre made it difficult to get a pic without the mic in the way but I've put a few on Picasa.


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  • Brilliant photos pauln!  I'm really pleased that you took a photo of Ellie Stanford as I found her performance quite hypnotic, to the point where I would share my gaze between her and Alison.  
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • @Halloween_Jack I would love to see your DSLR photos if you're happy enough to share them?  My iPhone didn't really capture anything worth sharing and is more of a memory jogger for me.
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • Had problems getting a proper wifi connection...

    But lost for words anyway. Great gig. Great seats (even though we only used them for half of the show)
    Meeting tooo many lovely Frappers to mention (cheap cop out, I know)

    Anyway: Me and Marlou had a wonderful time!

    It was really nice to hang out with HJ and Thathurt this afternoon.
    It kind of softened the post gig comedown.
    But it's kicking in full force right now.....
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  • Here's a few of mine posted on Flickr - hope you like.  Mark 

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