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Brighton Dome gig - 29 March 2014
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  • Oh god I hadnteven thought about rail replacement on Sunday. Sure my family will be delighted at my arrival for our late Sunday lunch ... Late ... No doubt and also full of booze. Mmmmmmmm.

    Anyhow, hiya, I'm in brighton. I'm gonna try and do the rounds with my old Brightonian chums so just waiting for the first one in the Marlborough pub opposite the pavilion. Then I'll head into town, gonna have a bite to eat with another & then see if them lot can combine, & we can combine & ... Really everyone could just be in the same room. Ha. Yay to Brighton.
  • Have you got a couple of people to carry you around in a sedan chair? ☺
  • Haha. That would be ideal!! I've actually already taken 1 taxi - I think I only took about 3 taxis in the 5 years that I lived here. I'll be beating that this weekend then clearly ;)
  • Need some serious frapp action to make up for bush dissapointment. Phone lines open from 9 apparently...
    "its MY favourite song"
  • Im avoiding an overcrowded joke of a rail replacement bus n going Nat express for part of my journey. #desperatetimes.
  • I've had a good chat / drink / feed with Una, Keith, CaravanGiirl, Dreeke & Marlou! Have had to leave them early coz of where I'm staying.
    looking fwd to more catch-ups tomorrow... :-)
  • Think I had 1 hours sleep then 6am 1st train. Yay me.
  • Hope you all have fun x look forward to reading the reports
  • Hi

    I have got a spare ticket for tonight if anyone is interested.
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  • I have written down on a piece of paper a few people that will be seated near me so I hope to meet you guys! I'm sitting next to Una so that will be cool. I also owe Halloween Jack a drink so i'll be searching for your seat in the venue.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful time tonight :-)
  • Haha, do you? I cant remember what i did to warrant a favour, lol. :)

    Anyway, shaping up ti be a cracking day/eve. Meeting others soon!
  • Avoiding the thread not due to rudeness but more to enjoy the show later in the tour spoiler free.

    Had nearly too much fun, you lot!
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • Really wish I could be there with you guys and gals. Have a blast, lots of pictures and reports later. Sun is out to make it even more enjoyable.
  • Avoiding the thread not due to rudeness but more to enjoy the show later in the tour spoiler free.

    You mean you don't want to hear about the Alison & Maus trapeze act!?

    Oh shit, sorry! ;-)
  • @thathurt, it did turn out to be gridlocked (early afternoon) so I'm glad that I arrived 2 hours earlier than planned. Apparently "The Wanted" were in concert too which may've added to the traffic.

    Had a great night seated in the stalls (E40) between VisualFallacy and Giancarlo (see you at Greenwich!). I had a quick chat to Alice (E38), although she had no idea who I was - lol.

    Big *hello* to Úna (D44) who was charming and made me feel welcome.

    Roll on Tuesday....
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.

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