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  • Wow!  Y'all are expecting 20 inches of snow!  Good luck!  I hope you have a snow shovel or a few days supply.
  • You better be kidding me on that. 20 inches and we will all be 6 foot under the ground!
    Looks like I'm on the custard creme biscuits then for aan entire weekend. We haven't got anything else to eat lol.
  • That's what BBC is reporting.  Red weather warning.  I didn't check which areas.
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  • Everybody survive the storm okay?  It sounds like a real doozy.
  • Yes the house is still standing. Funnily enough I kind if expected a Wizard of Oz scene where the house starts spinning in mid air but no. The winds were a bitcrattly this morning and i can hear it coming down the chimney but there have been no fallen trees or anymore snow in my area.

    However I can't hear any cars going up and down the roads. I want to go swimming but don't think it's going to be do-able.
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  • So, was it twenty inches?  I could be the sound dampening effect of the snow but there probably aren't a lot of cars on the road.

    Hahaha!  That would be fun if you had a glass roof on the swimming pool.  You could watch the snow while you swam!
  • There’s too much reporting and hype on the telly about it, sorry. I watched the BBC national and local news, followed by the Ch 4 News last night, then there was a programme about “ The Big Freeze- Reporting Live!” On one of the other channels. I mean...yes, it’s been bad, but it was this bad in 2010 and 11 and I seem to recall nearly all Winters growing up in the 70s and 80s being a bit like this, at least that was the case in the East Midlands. I’m getting really irritated by the hype around everything...a sure sign, I know, of my in- between Baby Boomer and Gen X age and a totally unoriginal comment. Bah.
  • Eat my shorts.
  • I saw a little fox terrier being walked through the snow wearing socks the other day, but only on its back paws. I don’t know whether the owner thought that gave it a front wheel drive advantage, but the poor pooch could barely move.
  • Kat my dear- Nobody wants to eat your shorts even if they have sparkly bits on them. But if you've got any nice denim shorts you wanna get rid of, ping me and i shall ping you back.

    It is quite bad out there now. Lime a dumb fool I decided to go swimming. Come half 4 I was ready to leave and everything was at a standstill. Had to walk all the way home for 15 minutes and was frozen by the end of it.

    Currently defrosting myself in the lounge.

    Yes we've had if bad before. I remember quite a few occasions years ago when I was in juniors and was carried on my mom's back to school.
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    Meet Bogdanislav...the real Beast From The East lol
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  • It’s been very cold in Northamptonshire and further snow today and into the weekend by the looks of it. Luckily it’s not been as bad as other parts or the UK phew. Dad had his hospital appointment cancelled so he’s not happy but I said to him don’t worry it’ll get sorted and it wasn’t a surprise it was cancelled
    Anyway stay safe everyone as this ain’t shifting yet I’m afraid
  • There's been no more snow showers in my area but the existing snow isn't exactly budging either. Transport services have various diversions ongoingly and I can hear cars revving to try and get up the main road which is on a bit of a hill.

    To be honest right now it's kind of depressing because you can't go anywhere, do anything or travel.
  • We're having the weirdest nor-easter here.  I'm not complaining.  It's kind of nice, all wind and no weather.  Usually, there is a blizzard attached.  A couple of trees down, so far, but no problem.
  • Do you even have snow plows?  I really don't like that they pour salt and sand on the roads here.  Very efficient, I'm sure but what a mess, especially after all of the snow is gone.

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