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  • Thanks- I'm taking about 6 tablets every 4 hours. Ibuprofen, sinus relief, flu tablets. Horrible. But feeling a bit more human than yesterday. Thanks x

    Trying to sweat it out of my system.
  • Heavy snow blanketing northern Europe has caused many flight cancellations and delays at Schiphol airport in the Netherlands and Brussels airport.

    Nearly 300 KLM flights were cancelled at Schiphol, while Brussels airport scrapped at least 50.

    Travellers have been advised to check flight updates at home, rather than set off for the airport in bad weather.

    In Germany the heavy snow has caused many car crashes and traffic jams, as well as train delays.

    More than 300 flights were cancelled on Sunday at Frankfurt airport, the busiest in Germany.

    In France 32 regions were put on an emergency footing, as snowstorms battered coastal areas and cut power to thousands of homes.

    About 80,000 homes lacked electricity in the Loire Valley on Monday, the daily Le Parisien reported.

    Snow in Venice, 10 Dec 17Image copyrightEPAImage captionNot what you expect in Venice: snowflakes on the gondolas

    Snowstorms have also spread southwards to Italy, causing some travel chaos in northern regions.

    The snow caused the closure of schools in Liguria, Piedmont and Tuscany, Italy's La Stampa daily reported.

    Ferry services to the islands off Naples were suspended because of strong winds.

  • RIP Serenity's liver :(
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I've always found that the best way to get rid of any fever.  Just pile on the blankets until I break into a sweat, be careful cooling off slowly and, bang, gone like the wind.  I hope it works for you.  It's amazing how many blankets I've had to pile on to break the fever before.


  • Haha im wearing fleecy pjs, with a fleecy gown and I'm overheating like a pig on fire!!

    I'm having my favourite dinner which is bbq ribs, chips and salad.

    And then later a shot of Bailey's. x
  • Hope it works!  Eating well and burning up.  That should do it.  Meal sounds yummy.


  • A thickly cough is the devil's work I'm telling you. I've not had a wink of sleep.
  • That's terrible, Serenity.  Can't break into a sweat?


  • Catherine appears to have the flu. That’ll be me for Christmas then....Crimbo all alone, under five duvets and struggling with a Cup a Soup while everyone else parties on in Wales. Not that I’m a pessimist or anything!!
  • I remember when I was in my twenties and had just moved into my new house after my first marriage ended, I was at an extremely low ebb and had a dreadful cold. Mostly to get all the anger off my chest, rather than the green stuff (!), I went out into my new back “ garden” which was frozen solid ( it was December) And turned the entire garden over with a hand trowel. I guess I had a lot of anger not to mention upper body strength back then!! The cold disappeared overnight.
  • Froze it out of you.  Interesting.  I don't think I'll try it.


  • Oh nooooo. Get the hot toddies out and gi get tea. You don't have to have whiskey. The reason i haven't had a hot toddy is because I really don't like whisky or brandy. I'm pretty selective on alcohol. I do drink but not a heavy drinker. I'm a wine/cocktail girl.

    But anyway as i was saying you could try run or ginger tea.

    The flu is doing the rounds. Get Catherine eating a curry or sonething spicy to drive it out.

    I'm actually feeling better today, loads better taking Beachams tablets and sinus relief.
  • Kat- Im so sorry for what happened to you. To have been married so young. I won't ask what happened if it's too painful but I guess it doesn't give me much faith in men.

    I'm taking it as it comes now. I am seeing someone and it seems to be going well but REALLY early days. So taking a casual attitude because that's what they all do!!

    Did you end things on amicable terms? I hope he wasn't a complete and utter b***tard to you.
  • I hope Catherine gets better soon. It's not nice. I've had this for a week. x
  • Thanks Serenity.
    Marriage 1- ended ultimately on reasonably amicable terms I guess. Not so a subsequent relationship with a totally evil emotionally- retarded / psychotic bloke. We’ve all been there ( or most of us have I suspect). Water under the bridge so....zzzzz
    I didn’t freeze the cold out WW, I had five layers out and dug in the snow but sweated it all out through sheer hard graft. Had a hot bath and large whisky- sorted. I’ve only got the upper body strength to lift the whisky glass nowadays, and that only just. Seriously struggling with neck pain again, I assume it’s arthritis or spondy- wotsit. By the next Goldfrapp tour I’ll be four foot three.

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