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  • @Serenity Whenever you feel the urge to knock the fuck out of a bus driver, simply ask yourself "What would Enya do?"
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    U R I E L
    Middle of the Tree. Directing the souls.
  • Enya would summon the powers of the waters & the singing stones and banish him to Knocknarea.

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    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I often try to summon my inner Enya when I’m feeling stressed, but more often than that my inner Marg Simpson croaks her way out mumbling in torment.
    I bet Enya isn’t that ethereal at home ( in her castle!). I bet she swears like a fish wife and talks to the leprechauns. I do.
  • I dont give two figs what Enya would do? Whats Enya gotta do with it?!

  • Looooool! I bet tgat Enya is a right dirty devil as well. :))
  • And as a word of warning i haven't finished with public transport services just yet.

    Oh no not I. There's more to come. :))
  • So are you secretly an American then Kat?
  • Aaaaahhhh....no. If I could have chosen my country of origin I probably would have chosen Greece. For the weather and diet anyway. Scandinavia for my darkly tortured artistic soul lol. Which reminds me....I see Moomin stuff is popular this Christmas, bet that’s what Alison has on her Crimbo list. Moomin lunchbox with matching napkins.
  • Omg- I’ve just looked on eBay and yes, you can buy them!!!
  • You wish to be Greek? Thats interesting? Do you want olive skin or to live the Meditterean lifestyle?

    Honestly olive skin is such a pain. I have always been plagued with oily skin and blemishes.

    I wish i was born with blonde hair and green eyes. And country of origin would be France or Cyprus.

    Moomim? Sounds like something I desperately need!! Can you post a picture for is? x
  • Where would you like to visit next Kat is you had tbe time and money was no object?

    It would be Australia hands down for me.

    I want to ride on a Kangaroo and hug a baby koala.
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  • Thermal bathing in Iceland..jungles of Costa Rica....llama compounds in Peru....
  • Sounds good x
  • How bad has your area been affected by snow? We've had snow but it hasn't been that bad yet. But there have been a few casualties elsewhere in the country. 45 school children were on a bus in Lincolnshire when it skidded off the road. Luckily the kids were fine, no injuries but obviously shocked by the event.

    And I read somewhere that there was a massive car crash somewhere else in Lincolnshire. :/

    This latest turn of weather has been described as The Beast From The East. Sounds quite Goldfrappian.
  • I just really love the way it softens all of the sounds.  It's like the world has been smoothed out.


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