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  • Interesting...cheers Whisperit. I'll head off to my local library ( if it still exists! Damn, that was meant to go in the Atory Scum thread too!!)
  • whisperit said:


    KatRobin said:

    presents human morality as something that has developed as a special exception to other animals 

    What was developed as a special exception to non-sentient animals was an aberration, unreason, which slipped into what really should have been developed and now will.  It's unreason's dusty end, dammit.
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  • I found a TED talk by de Waal, which gives the gist of his argument about human/primate morality. Worth 16 minutes and 52 seconds of anyone's time!

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  • That was good.  Bonobos use sex as a calming mechanism.  If humans were good at it, we'd probably have a lot less problems.  Good sex, when you last as long as the lady desires, is very calming.  Doesn't happen much with humans - yet - but it will be a good thing in the future, I'm sure.
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  • The ladies are queuing round the block to meet you know WW!!
  • I'd rather that everyone could have the same experience with the one they love.  It would put a lot right in this world.

    The answer is really rather simple:

    It's so damn simple and straightforward as to be ludicrous.
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  • Not if you're a lesbian couple lol. You'd never get out of bed!!!
  • That's another way and very understandable considering men, right now, pretty much suck at sex.  Surprised there aren't more.

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  • KatRobin said:

    Not if you're a lesbian couple lol. You'd never get out of bed!!!

    Somebody order room service, :-j .. ;). I was just talking to a gay male friend of mine about this. He said he thought homosexuals have better sex because you're working with the same equipment, and you know exactly what to do with it, haha! Funny, but good point.

    @WW I read the article and it makes sense. The only thing I didn't agree with, is when it said most men use foreplay. The straight women I talk to tell me the opposite. The act just becomes about pleasing the man alot of times- or maybe they just have selfish lovers (who knows). That could become very frustrating over time. Say for example, I would just fuck men in the ass and ignore their cock..like it didnt exist. Well the primary source of their physical pleasure is now taken away. That's how it is with the clit. You can fuck all you want, but will she get off? Not if you're not on her clit. Cock=Clit, so wake the fuck up men..wake up.
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  • @PG  Sorry, PG, but the article says nothing about foreplay.  Whoops!  Sorry, I did find the reference to foreplay.  But, the point is that minimal foreplay is required if you are going to ride her until she says enough.

    The article is all about the fact that men, in general, cannot last long enough during sexual intercourse to satisfy their women.  There is no reason for that, as the article explains.  I think that homosexual men have better sex because they don't have to worry about lasting any length of time.

    You're right about wake up, though.  There is not a single reason that a man can't last as long as the lady desires now that this has been explained.  The knowledge and insight is now available.  So, all it takes is a little effort to exercise those muscles and understand how they are supposed to operate during sexual intercourse.  It becomes about only pleasing the man because he cannot last long enough at sexual intercourse.  Alternatives are massive amounts of foreplay or cunnilingus.  None of which can match sexual intercourse.  This seems obvious since even homosexual women like a dildo.  Foreplay to stimulate a woman to the point that she is ready for intercourse is one thing.  Foreplay to substitute for anything but a few moments of penetration is not a very good way to go.
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  • Oh good, I'm glad you found the reference. WW, I really don't think there's such a thing as 'minimal foreplay'...that's like a straight woman saying, "oh, I'll just touch your cock until its hard..but that's it"- total blueballs. You see, I wasn't kidding when I said cock=clit..it's analogous. Yes, I think it's great that your idea of exercises can make men last- but ultimately, it cums down to the clit. Penetration alone, usually doesn't do it for a woman. Now if men could grind on the clit while penetrating- that's a package deal worth buying. Somehow women know how to do this and that's part of the reason I love them so much, well..there's alot more reasons but that's a biggie.
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • The book goes into the details about the clit and that it isn't always easy to find.  I'm not so sure it is that difficult to find during intercourse but if one is only massaging it for a few seconds, that's just not enough.  Women need quite a bit of time to peak and men don't provide it.  The more women I talk to, the more I realize that men just don't last long enough.  That can change.  Once they can last, I really don't think massaging the clit is a problem.  Ask you hetero girlfriends how long their men last.  That is the core problem.
  • Do you have a problem finding the clit with a dildo?
  • You first gently use your hands, then mouth to make her hard. It's all instinctual really and I'm surprised some men don't understand that. I do find it interesting, that since every woman is built a little different, the clit may be in a slightly different area..but once she's hard, you'll know exactly where to be.
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    What is done in the dark will always come to light
  • The book explains all of that in some detail.  Good point about the hardening.