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Royal Albert Hall - 18 Nov 2014
  • Alison on twitter:

    We have some very exciting live news coming next Tuesday at 9am. Make sure to subscribe at http://t.co/9ycd4lj0pn/s/nXl3
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  • ^ http://youtu.be/2WxApOKUJhE Alison & John Grant duet 'Some Velvet Morning'...So good!!
    this person also recorded Utopia:
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL
  • A video on You Tube doesn't adequately capture the sound as we experienced it on Tuesday. From where I was sitting, it was immaculate and I've never heard Alison sound so crystal clear.
  • I'm still entranced by Tales of Us, the album; so, if anything else comes to affect us on this side of the ocean, it'll be extra Miriam olive oil on the organic kale for me.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • I really can't say anything at all. Other than, there will always be disappointed people when it comes to these important announcements. I do know what it is but have been sworn to absolute secrecy (i can't begin to tell you how difficult it was not to say anything on thursday!), but it will be good news for a lot of people.

    Would you say good news for people whose favorite band is Goldfrapp or whose favourite band is Goldfrapp? 

  • I'm hoping for a live DVD/Blu including the Tales film, honestly i'll be surprised if they add another leg to the tour but i could see them doing another one off show in London or something, which is of use to very few.
  • rewak said:

    I'm hoping for a live DVD/Blu including the Tales film, honestly i'll be surprised if they add another leg to the tour but i could see them doing another one off show in London or something, which is of use to very few.

    Also hoping for the DVD we've been waiting many years for. As one of the "very few" I'd be over the moon if there were a one-off at somewhere like Union Chapel :)

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  • Nice letter!

    A bunch of us on here had personal Christmas cards from Alison and Will.

    Good to hear Elliot. It shows if nothing else that Alison and Will appreciate the people who are, in essence, their best customers! Every member of the Toyah fan club received a letter each year on their birthday. That is actually a three sided letter. The missing side mentions the T shirt ideas we sent her and how she was very interested and would I get in contact with Chris Limb ( fan club manager and author of the really interesting 'I was a teenage Toyah fan') to discuss. That little book is a catalogue of fan involvement with the act and how the act in this case responded.
    Please, no offence is intended to anyone on here. I just think this special relationship we have with them could be handled so much better. Question. Do you think we will ever get another 'Union Chapel' experience ?
    I hope you all have those cards somewhere safe as you appreciate them more over the years. A moment in time!
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  • see http://tumblr.goldfrapp.com/
    Albert Hall gig!  But no email with presale details yet...
  • Knew it was going to be something like this.  I wonder why seemingly lesser UK bands with smaller followings can make North American tours work, but Goldfrapp can't.  I wonder if this a casualty of them leaving EMI.  If you discount the one-off NY show, this is the first album they haven't toured the US in support of.  Oh, well, plenty of time between now and November.  Hope they get a chance to start working on new material!   ;)
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  • Try this Stuart... it's a bit confusing but should give you a pretty great idea of where your seat is: 

  • That (Albert Hall) was my 24th time of seeing The Frapp and I have to say it was my favourite Goldfrapp gig ever - and in my top 10 of all time.

    I thought the choir and orchestra really enhanced the cinematic feel of the music; Alison was in fine voice, Will made a cameo on Moog, and the duet with John Grant on "Some Velvet Morning" was absolutely sensational.

    We were in heaven - if I had too pick highlights, they would be "Utopia", "SVM", "Laurel" and that wonderful version of "Voice Thing" with the choir.
  • I'm looking forward to finding the time this evening to look at all the uploaded vids, thanks to people who went to the trouble . I know I missed an amazing night :( but it'll give me some comfort to look at those.
  • thanks everyone for your lovely reviews and videos, they're important for us who couldn't make it to get to this amazing gig.
  • Is it possible that anyone shot the Monster Love duet? I can't seem to find it on YouTube.

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