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Royal Albert Hall - 18 Nov 2014
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  • Would you believe that?!? I want to subscribe to the newsletter, but the "subscribe" button doesn't work!!! I tried Firefox, then Internet Explorer, then Chrome, then Safari. All with the same disappointing result... So someone please post the news on the forum tomorrow... Thanx!

    Me too. I'm just really hoping that this isn't something you have to be on the mailing list to be 'in on' as it were :(
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  • I tried the link and nowt worked so fingers crossed that the normal email comes through with any news that we are SUPPOSED to get when news is imminent. Must learn to be patient my deers and put your faith in the administration  8-|
  • Its not something that will matter. The news willl get around regardless, not being on the mailing list won't mean you miss out, it's just to drive mailing list numbers up :) (failing miserably given it's not working!)
  • (i only really post when there's an upcoming gig) ... Where as everyone has access to twitter/facebook/mailing lists etc.

    I'm curious Sally. Why do you very rarely post here anymore? This is the Goldfrapp fan forum. A place they have set aside for their fans, on their server, linked into their website, where those fans can interact. Now, excuse me if I am being naive here, but this costs money to set up and maintain but you; someone I would hold up as a 'premier', long standing fan, declare that you very rarely post here anymore. It was not set up, I am pretty sure, as some sop to fans. It was designed with the purpose in mind to help further the Goldfrapp business model. If not, then expect it to be dropped if it is not, in some way, achieving that goal, as Goldfrapp are not, and cannot afford to be, a charity.
    I do not use Twitter. I honestly do not have the time for the miriad of crap that that opens the door to, nor the time to effectively administer to it; and I think I am not the only one on this board that is if that opinion.
    The GMB is Twitter in microcosm. It's only purpose is to further our, the premier fan base ( the ones who do not start to clap in the middle of Little Bird) access and enjoyment of Goldfrapp. (Along with mucky pictures etc for light relief). It should be the focus; the vanguard, for the dissemination of information to the fans as, after all, that is what every single member of this board is; a premier Goldfrapp fan.
    I, for one, enjoy that purity, and transferring this to an overall Twitter base weakens the whole point in my opinion.
    An opinion I am sure others will want to pick up on. If the consensus is 'go Twitter' we may as well pack this all in now.
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  • ^True, but a lot of us don't actually use them as we have enough silicon-based stuff to waste our lives with/on ...

    Plus - I am sure I'm on the mailing list. But come to think of it - have I actually had any mail from that list in what passes for living memory round here? Nope.
  • UT - the reason I don't really use this message board any more is, for me, the purpose of the board was to meet like minded people whom I can share a love of a great band with. Now, I've found those people and don't really need the board to meet more because I will be introduced to them through association or I now meet them on Twitter. I come back when there's a gig to introduce myself to new people whom I may get to meet at the gig, so I'm not some random stranger.

    I really don't want to get into a big debate about this, I don't think 'just Twitter' is the answer. But I'd disagree that everyone on here is a 'premier' fan (a term I don't agree with, to me a fan is a fan and they're all welcome to have a drink with me at a y time).

    Let's just agree to disagree. We all have our own thoughts on things.
  • I wish more of you were also on Tumblr. That's the real place to be a fan of something. Fan of anything or anybody, really.
  • I'm personally enjoying the anticipation of what the announcement will be. The treats we've received from Alison & Will in the last 10 years or more are too numerous to list.  
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  • I just want them to move on to the next album. 

    ia tbh

    I wish more of you were also on Tumblr. That's the real place to be a fan of something. Fan of anything or anybody, really.

    a goldfrapp fandom on tumblr would probably be fairly sane and quiet but oh man some of those other fandoms are nutso
  • I think the difference between bands and their out stretching to their fans is a personal thing to the artist , I don't think Alison owes the forum (or anyone) anything in terms of posting news here .
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  • Jesus.  Some of these side-bar discussions about what fans are owed by artists are nuts.  I wonder how many restraining orders [someone] on this page has against him/her. 

    Subscribe button worked just fine for me now as well.  Though, pretty sure I'm already subscribed.  I'll be fast asleep when the news breaks.  Hope everyone gets what their heart desires!
  • LOL.  Good advice, softlad. 
  • anyone had any message?
  • No, it's painful waiting
  • Not yet, no.............the suspense!
    I want to swim your silk black skin to the floor
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