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Royal Albert Hall - 18 Nov 2014
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  • ^ No you don't want to be super far away, and the Albert Hall is pretty big.  The one time I went there with tickets a long way from the stage, I wished I hadn't bothered.  I wonder how much the tickets will be.  That's an issue, as far as I'm concerned.
  • Well I can see why this isn't ideal for everyone, but with my selfish head on I'm pretty happy about it. So excited to see you guys again so soooooon! :))
  • I don't think there's any such thing as a bad seat in the royal albert hall. Those of you who are friends with me on FB, I've uploaded an album of shots from around the empty venue. Due to work computer restrictions I can't post them on here (online storage not allowed, nor is access to FB to get said photos) but if anyone wants to go on and steal them to put them here then I'm fine with that.

    Also, if money is a massive issue, there's always the standing gallery section at the top.  The view is still pretty decent (especially if you can move around closer to the stage at the sides) and the tickets are usually available for around £5-£10.  It just depends on the kind of experience you want I suppose. 
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  • image
    from VF's Facebook

  • view from my royal box
  • ping said:

    view from my royal box

    Hahah oooh er!! 

    Just for clarity, the first picture is from the gallery just to the left of the stage.  The second picture is taken from the upper circle, about three rows back, just above the really big white light in the gallery photo.  I hope that makes things a little clearer. Also, they do usually have seats on the floor, so whether this will be standing or seated I don't know... would imagine seated with there being a full orchestra, but you never know. 
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  • ^ *snigger*
  • I have just received the email.  For anyone who does not, it is simply a password activation once you get to the site, so post on here if no email show and the details to access can be passed on.
    One of the good reasons for having this fan forum.  Only people on here are Goldfrapp fans, not tout bastards looking to buy a load up and rip people off.
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  • I was unable to attend Greenwich due to other people on leave, so this does help me (bet lost) . And we can sing "Rule Britannia" while we're waiting.

    The touts will be on the mailing list , arguably if your tickets aren't being touted then you're irrelevant - World class spin doctoring.
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  • rewak said:

    I will accept bets that this will help no one who couldn't make it to the Greenwich show. I'll actually be in London just a few days before this so perhaps i'm bitter...

    Well, I am one of those who couldn't make it to Greenwich, but will be able to get to the Albert Hall (bet lost) :-)

    I've seen Goldfrapp twice before at the RAH... both times I was down on the flat bit (1st time in row 5, 2nd time in about row 20). If you end up in this section, be aware that there is very little slope, so those further back than row 15ish might find their view less than ideal. When I saw Tori Amos there I was way, way up and to the side...so a bit of an odd angle. Either way, it's a gorgeous venue with superb acoustics and always a good (if somewhat formal) atmosphere.
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  • Oh, thanks for the RAH pics, Sally and ping!

    Obviously on those pics, the seats on the flat bit (can't remember the proper name) have been removed...
  • Anybody got information on ticket prices?

    We might want to go...
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  • Dreeke said:

    Anybody got information on ticket prices?

    We might want to go...

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  • Minsku said:

    Why the fuck did they not announce this BEFORE I spent all my money travelling to Greenwich?! Seriously?! :(

    Screw them. Wake me up when the next album is out!

    I'd imagine that contractually they couldn't.  Greenwich was subtitled their only london gig of the year.

    I still think that this whole lying to their fans thing just goes to show how much they really “appreciate” their supporters! :))

    KatRobin said:

    Ah...sorry you're annoyed Minsku. I don't really understand you tho- why would the AH gig have been better for you?

    Well, let me see; warm indoor venue, last gig of the year, all Tales of Us songs being played live with an orchestra and probably more well-behaved audience than in Greenwich. Not to even mention that I would have already been able to buy tickets tomorrow thus not being stuck somewhere at the very back like in Greenwich! :D

    Quite frankly, there are times when I wish I had never discovered Goldfrapp. It’s starting to feel like unless you live in the UK, it’s just not worth it. The rest of the world simply does not exist in their books.

    Oh, well, plenty of time between now and November.  Hope they get a chance to start working on new material!   ;)

    Yeah, I don’t really see that happening. Alison will most likely just go on a holiday for few months. If we’re lucky, they might start creating something new at the beginning of 2015. :)

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