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UK Tour 2014
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  • Oh no. That is all there is to buy. TUT-TUT tbh.
  • I was a little gutted at lack of merchandise too :(

    Anyway....I just totally gave in and booked tickets for Greenwich :) bringing my cousin so he can pop his Goldfrapp cherry (and he doesn't mind driving to London Village).

    Do we have a roll call for Bristol yet?
  • Hi all,

    I am sooo looking forward to Bristol gig on Tuesday, although have to admit to being a bit of a buffoon, thought I'd booked stalls tickets in row D - until they arrived in post and realised they are row DD !! bugger tits arse !!!
    will I see anything? will sitting/standing thing be awkward? will I blub like a babba to Alvar? (- why does it always make me do that??)

    so many questions and such a numpty, but honestly I really can't wait ...  

    Ted xx
  • In seated venues it often goes AA BB cc etc then A B C rows wise so it may be better?
  • ooh nice thought but unfortunately not according to website seating plan - looks like I have a whole alphabet in front of me!

  • Am I right in thinking that Portsmouth gig information will arrive here shortly?  I'm dying to know the set list.  [-O<
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • Am I right in thinking that Portsmouth gig information will arrive here shortly?  I'm dying to know the set list.  [-O<

    set list was the same as Brighton. No Ooh La La again...
  • Brighton was so completely amazing, I can't leave it at that... Soooo, gonna go to reading on Wednesday.
    I love the lighting for these shows - the way the spotlights are during the TOU songs, and how it builds, and the colours, as the set goes on. (miss the lasers of last summer though ;) )
    Love hearing Utopia, Yellow Halo, Clay.


    WHOOOOP gig 26 here I come.
  • Just back from Portsmouth.Good gig,same as Brighton.I was sitting next to some pensioners and was a bit worried when the more up-tempo stuff was going to happen,as they were gonna stay seated and miss seeing Alison.Eventually they got up.At least they didn't nod off.
    Alison was quite chatty.Little Bird is as mental as ever.
    Unlike Brighton,during Number One onwards,everyone from the back just bombed it down the front.Then everyone just stayed standing.Spent most my time watching Angie.She sure knows how to rock a keytar.All good fun,'till next time...

  • Who's actually going to Reading? So far I only know of me and 'Bottlehead' (and laura now? Is this definite?!) I can't be arsed to start a whole new thread for it and I also am too lazy to trawl this. 

    Sorry, blame my Brighton come down for my lethargy! 

  • Doh, and now my friend who was coming with me to the Bristol gig cant make it cos she's unwell.

    -anyone after a spare ticket?


  • wish I could go Brizzle now. College night. poo
  • Come to Bristol thathurt. I'm driving, you can have a nap in the back :)
  • I wish i need to go college on tues eve till 9pm so its imposs. *sad face*

  • If Kate Bush hadn't just robbed me of £300 I'd definitely head to Bristol as well... it's only an hour and a bit drive from me... 

    Not that I'm complaining about getting Kate Bush tickets, I wouldn't dare! 

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