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UK Tour 2014
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  • dcbaxter said:

    Phew that was a busy few moments.

    Got ... (and who for)
    Brighton Block: STL - Row: C - Seats: 42 To 43 (me and CaravanGirl))
    Portsmouth Block: STL - Row: C - Seat: 7 (CaravanGirl)
    Bristol Block: STL - Row: E - Seats: 3 To 4 (Layla & Spike)
    York Block: SCL - Row: C - Seats: 23 To 24 (me + 1)

    I think you may well be sitting directly in front of me in York!
  • Giancarlo said:

    Thousand thanks Pete !

    Waiting for your message

    Sent you a private message
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    Music Junkie
  • received Pete, soo many thanks !!
  • All hotels booked (even in Brighton where I could have just taken the train to London, but it will be easier and cheaper to travel to Portsmouth directly from Brighton). And half of the railway tickets as well!
    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • Anyone received their tickets yet?
  • I'm all set in regards to hotels and train tickets. Yay :)
    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • Cool but has anyone got their concert tickets yet?
  • Not yet. No indication as to when they'll be despatched but plenty of time for that.
  • I bought mine through 'gigs-and-tours' (maybe everyone did?) and got an e-mail stating "your tickets will be despatched as soon as we receive them, normally 14 days prior to the event. Tickets will be despatched as soon as possible, but may not be received until the week of the event."

    That's pretty standard I think, so a long time to go yet.
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  • I wouldn't expect gig tickets until early March at the earliest.
    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • Working 6am till 8-9pm mon-fri & 7am till 1pm on sat means can't go any of them & would be to sleepy to enjoy....
    Hopefully hours will drop off to something more reasonable soon so i could go next time frapp tour.....
    So everyone enjoy you lucky buggers. :D
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • I've asked GigsAndTours to collect my ones at the venue, I've received just the one bought from The Lowry
  • me too. Well they got delivered to my Mams address. She ordered them for me.
  • Looking forward to seeing the Tour after Manchester last year.

    Booked for York - great seats in the pre-sale.  :-)
  • Mine for The Lowry have not turned up yet, worried now....ordered pre sale as well.....

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