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  • I'm getting very excited about the Frapptastic week to come. Single info and airplay on Monday, preview of TOU midweek. I'm just trying to remain calm but really am jumping out of my skin.
  • I'm thinking the first single will be "Drew" since that's the first video they shot months ago.  The video for "Annabel" was shot late May/early June, so I feel that will be the second single.  Either way, I'm excited for new music!
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  • I'm not a big radio listener but can not miss this :D
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  • I expect John Terry will turn up on the show and claim credit for the single.

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  • I don't care which song it is really... I love the mystery of guessing which of the ten it will be... I hope it isn't just a download release and something to cherish...
  • Even if a single becomes available here in the US, I'm going to wait 'til I'm in possession of the whole.
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  • YES, I really hope they read this:

    We want a physical single!!!!!
  • i also hope for a digital release of the single asap.. but im sure it will go thru a few weeks of rotation on the radio before its available online..
  • Does anybody have any idea what time it goes on? Lauren Laverne has a morning show right?
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  • Her show is 10-1 GMT
  • Hopefully it's at least uploaded to the YouTube channel after it airs.

  • should be able to listen again on i player I would have thought, but don't take my word for it!
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  • ^ i'm pretty sure they all go up on iplayer for 7 days after...
    laurens 6 music page is here
  • Vinyl would be nice.

    Even better a picture disk.

  • After spending so much on the deluxe set i don't think i could stomach buying any singles, especially if all they have are remixes. Be pretty typical if they suddenly started doing b-sides again though, then i'd be compelled...

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