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Goldfrapp Live in NYC September 10th, 2013.
  • IT HAS BEGUN. The first North American taste of Tales Of Us Live, accompanied by an orchestra. Thoughts? Also... CANADA PLEASE?!?!?

    (check your email guys!)
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  • I'm so excited!!! I saw Goldfrapp at the Beacon on their 7T tour.. It's a smaller venue, so even in the back, you don't feel so far away. I would suggest everyone make the trip.. lucky for me I only have to drive 20 minutes. :P 
  • I'm going! See you all there at the Beacon Theater!
  • What?!?! Your first Goldfrapp show?!?! Why is this even a question?!?!

    You must do it. And I hate to be the bearer of bad news but often times in life you must travel thru bad or scary areas to get to the good ones, most of the fun things you'll want to do are going to cost you bucket loads of money and you are WAAAAY to young to be worrying about getting tired.

    After you've braced the journey thru some of those bad and scary places you'll realize that they are just different and if you mind your own business and use common sense you won't be bothered (most of the time, bad things happen to people in nice places to).

    Money comes and goes...you can and will make more and if this is something you are excited and passionate about I encourage you to do it.

    This is the time of your life where sleep and being well rested should be the furthest of your concerns...whether your the type that wants to go out every night and be the life of the party or you are the type that wants those straight A's in every class or feels good about working 40 hours a week while going to school. Doesn't matter what your motivations are, you are young and stronger than you know and now is the time for exploring, learning and growing.

    You will make your own decision and I support which ever way you end up going but just for a little perspective I was 16 when I went to my first show of Bjork's Homogenic Tour. It was 3 hours away and I had every intention of leaving the venue and making my way back home via subway, then a taxi and then a train after which I had 3 hours of waiting at in a dingy train station in a big city before I could get on a bus and make it the rest of the way home. Instead, I decided within 10 minutes to jump in a car, travel across the country with 3 people I had met an hour earlier, live off the couple thousand dollars I had saved for college, dropped out for the rest of that semester and didn't return home for over a month.

    No regrets, I can absolutely say that it was a major defining moment of my life and I am truly thankful for it.

    Do what you have to (but I hope you get to go). ;)

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  • Here's the first lot of images I have managed to find http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/news-photo/alison-goldfrapp-performs-in-concert-at-beacon-theatre-on-news-photo/180275896

    anyone else came across any or press reviews, better still your own pics and dare I say it videos? ;)

    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • ... a GREAT evening !
    After security check the staff people gently welcomed us and indicated us our seat. Many people beautifully dressed, women in particular, as for a special evening. 
    The venue was beautiful: statues, mural paintings, a big chandelier in the hall, golden surfaces everywhere.
    A female couple, fiddle and guitar, played some original songs and some covers before the show, mainly in spanish.
    The group appeared on stage as usual, with Alison as last, under the applauses. Dressed in black as in Manchester she said "Hello", and then Jo started, two times due to some problem I haven't understood. All the songs of "Tales of us" has been performed, but not Thea. After Alvar I've seen Alison saying "no" to Angie, don't know if it is related with it.
    Lot of nice moments during the entire album execution, my preferred has been during Drew, Alvar, Simone, Stranger and Clay, but every song was wonderful. Alison often explained something about what has inspired her when writing the lyrics, before Annabel she said it comes from a work of Kathleen Winther "that should be here somewhere", I saw some movement in the audience, but I haven't saw her. After the explanation of Clay someone in the audience shouted his approval, and Alison replied too.
    This first part has been done really well, with very good voice ranging from the most delicate parts to the strongest ones, with her precision in delivering the notes that I've always admired, and was enough to justify the ticket price, but in the second part, with material from Seventh tree and Felt mountain, Alison decided to show us what she can do in terms of power, and the performance became absolutely impressive. During A&E she fired into the microphone an high note that brought the audio equipments to their extreme limits, and from more than one feet of distance.
    Lovely head was done as in 2010, with an almost violent use of the second microphone, much stronger than the studio recording.
    Will was on stage during the second part, she has called him "Mr Will Gregory want you join us ?", and he walked in with a big applause of the audience.
    Before the last song (if I remember well) Alison introduced the group one by one: Angie, Davide, Alex, Charlie and Seb, is the first time that it happens this year.
    At the end all people standing, it was really deserved.
    Unforgettable evening, thanks Goldfrapp

    I've written too much as always, blablabla ... sorry !
  • Giancario gives a good review.  I drove down from Boston just for the show (and I'll say again - a Tues. night in NYC does NOT a US tour make -LOL.  Let's hope for more next year.).  Terrific, understated performance. As others have pointed out, all of Tales of Us (except Thea - sadly), followed by 7 from Felt Mt. and 7th Tree.  The album is just gorgeous, and was performed brilliantly.  Couple other notes:  The Beacon is a great theater, and the crowd was very receptive.  There were at the start of the show, signed posters for sale ($30).  When I looked they said "only 25 left!"  By intermission they were gone.  Basically it was the album cover, with signatures at the bottom. I wonder if it's the same as will come with the Deluxe box?

    Anyway - a magical night.  I could have used one or two Oooh-La-La or Strict Machine 'rockers' to end the evening, and see the band rip it up a bit, but maybe it would not have fit. This was the 'trip hop' Goldfrapp - start to finish. Interesting that all songs were either TOU, FM or ST.  I was in the 2nd row and have decent video of Paper Bag - not sure how to post it. (Will probably put it on YouTube and post the link here).  Couple OK pics too - the lighting was so muted the whole night it was really kind of hard to see anything in too much detail.  Allison never really strayed too much from her center mic - just an impossibly thin, glamorous Garbo-esque whisper in black flowing pant suit, blowing gently by the fan at the front of the stage.  Hypnotic.  Again - I would have liked to have seen some colored lights and a bit of something a bit more upbeat to end things, but overall a tremendous evening.

  • Hello fellow goldfrapp fans. I am new to the board but have been a fan of Goldfrapp since Felt Mountain and my accidental discovery of Allison when she sang Utopia on Late Night with Conan O Brien back in 2000 or 2001. 
     Well before last night I had seen her twice, the first was at the Roseland Ballroom at the end of their Supernature tour and the second was during her stop in Washington D.C. at the 9:30 club during the Head First tour. Well this may be a lengthy post but please bare with me because I am still on a high from last night. After a 5 1/2 hr drive up from Richmond Virginia I arrived at the Beacon Theater wearing my Head First tour t-shirt. I quickly struck up a conversation with these two very nice guys and a girl who were standing around these two big open doors on the side of the Beacon Hotel. Well turns out the girl had seen Allison with Lisa earlier around 3:00 come walking out of the side door and she almost did not recognize her because she was in regular clothes with no make-up and when she realized it was Allison she was so nervous that she couldn't say anything. She said Allison seemed to not be in a good mood so she didn't want to bother her.
    Well while we were chatting about all things Goldfrapp this guy dressed in regular street clothes comes walking rather fast out of the side door and the girl I was chatting with says "Oh my god  that's Will." While he looked thinner than he does in pictures and interviews I could tell by the hair it was him. The guys who had been standing with us quickly ran to catch up with him and they stopped and chatted with him for a few minutes in front of the Starbucks across the street and the girl and I watch kind of starstruck while he autographed stuff for the two guys and took a pic with them. He shook their hands and quickly disappeared around the corner. They said he was very nice and had no problem signing their stuff but was a little hesitant at first about a picture but then he gladly obliged them. Well while the four of us stood there wondering where Will was in such a hurry to get to by himself about 20 minutes later he comes walking quickly around the corner the corner carrying his freshly dry cleaned suit that he wore on stage. Yes that suit he came on stage wearing he had just a little over a few hours ago dashed to retrieve from the cleaners. Well we waited to see if Allison would happen to show up but about 7:45 we decided she was probably getting ready for the show so we gave up any chance she might come out.
    Now onto the show, I am still speechless this third time absolutely blew away the other two times I saw her and that is saying a lot because those Supernature and Head First shows were amazing. Ever since Felt Mountain I always wanted to see Allison perform with an orchestra and last night that dream came true. I don't even see how listening to the album now (which I have on repeat) can compare to hearing Tales of Us performed live with an orchestra. I sure felt sorry for the orchestra member who got the icey glare from Allison right at the start of Jo. Allison is a perfectionist so obviously she didn't like what she heard. 
    Well after the show I was heading to the parking garage across the street to head back to Virginia when I saw one of the guys I had met earlier who had gotten Will's autograph and picture standing at the side door again and he said he didn't know if Allison would come out but it wouldn't hurt to wait. Later the girl I had met earlier also showed back up and I saw she had manage to snag one of the signed posters also. Well about 10 or 15 other fellow fans got the same idea and stood around waiting and hoping to see Allison. Well Dave came out first and chatted with a gentleman that had a vinyl copy of Tales of Us that they were apparently selling inside. I had managed to snap up one of the limited signed posters they were selling for 30 bucks a pop. Will came out and was nice enough to sign and take pictures with people again then after a few minutes he left and he told one of the guys he took a pic with that Allison should be coming out in a few minutes. Well most of us waited and waited while several of the orchestra players left, several security people left for the night, the two opening act ladies came out and left. We stood for 1 1/2 hours and finally our patience was rewarded as Allison came through the door with Lisa. She was very kind sweet soft spoken and smaller and shorter than I imagined and very humble and very gracious with all the kind words we were showering her with. She signed a ton of stuff and chatted with people for a few minutes before disappearing into the night. I managed to get up enough nerve to ask her if I could take a picture and she kindly obliged my request. in the first pic you can see Lisa in the background sorry about the quality my hands were trembling like crazy. Also got a pic of Will when he came out after the show. 

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  • Lucky America :)>-
  • sounds great, hope some of you guys get to go and report back!  **==
  • Enjoy America's frappers :)
  • Nice timing.  The day of release in the U.S.  Very nice venue, too.
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  • Oh, you also get a proper orchestra! Enjoy, Statesiders! :)
  • It's so popular there are  two threads....
  • I hope its just like the Manchester shows I.e. the whole album first then a selection of vintage songs.... Hopefully some different ones too!

  • It's so popular there are  two threads....

    Oops just noticed. Let me try and delete the other thread....(Thanks HJ/Carpy) DONE

    Eeeeeeee, i just want to scream like a 16yr old fan girl!!!
    I haven't done anything the slightest bit productive all day, just daydream.
    I couldn't possibly be anymore excited.
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    LOVE tasted CRITICAL

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