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DELUXE BOX - Updates & information
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  • I ordered mine back in June and it's still not here :( I emailed Sandbag with all the order details but not received a reply yet. Pretty bad since it's over 6 months since I paid for it?!

    Guessing other people have the same problem / still awaiting the box? I'm scared it's lost in the post!
    End of December really was a really stupid time to send this out.. Busiest postal period of the year so it's hard to tell whether it's just somewhere in a backlog of post or completely lost!

    Monsterlove, I wouldn't email them, just ring. The guy I spoke to gave me all the details, so I could track it myself. That helped.

    Sandbag dispatched mine on that Wednesday before Christmas, but left off the top line of my address, so the courier couldn't find it. Having fixed this it says it's out for delivery today......fingers crossed!
  • Kiyuri said:


    'cos Kiyu's copy is here. 

    Edition 1003. Suh-weet.

    Just got my dispatched email!
  • Now I can't find my Devin Townsend Boxset. What the hell? Can my room only contain one vinyl shaped object at a time? Did Ally G kick the shit out of Devin!? WHY DO I GET SO FURIOUS WHEN I CANNOT LOCATE A POSSESSION!? 
  • Loved the box, its very 1960 Kodak fill, black and white album, and feel, and the vinyl sleeve is very Matte, unlike the regular vinyl, very happy, with CD/DVD
  • i watched the drew video today on the dvd, i was very disappointed that it was so pixilated in parts. the part i noticed the most was when the plane is flying outside. its a shame to say that the video on youtube seems better quality
  • FINALLY! It's here! Beautiful, number 1057 so there's a few of these about. Very glad I ordered it. Nice note from Alison in the book, can kind of see this running maybe, the whole "tales" theme almost....
  • that's normal, even the master of the video that part is not very good, i think it's because of the "flying camera".

    here some prints of the master with the "flying camera":

    and with the "normal" camera
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  • So... how is Lee?


    IGNORE - I found it on youtube. 

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  • Joey said:

    I received my box set today after just ordering it a week ago exactly. I live in Texas, USA. And there are some of you who ordered back in July/August and still haven't received it yet?

    That is RIDICULOUS, Sandbag. Ridiculous.

    INDEED. Got mine today. Unsigned (gutted about that), probably due to it being so late + having a high edition number.
    I live in Norway, Western Europe - and ordered mid-August... 
  • received me too, number 534 and signed :-)
  • Uh, my bad: Turns out mid-August would have been (too) late for the signed ones...?
  • Finally I got my box set yesterday. It is numbered 190 and is signed.
    Lee is beautiful
    ...and I really like «Stranger Moog Remix», I think it has the spirit of FM. 
    Alvar, Jo and Drew (live versions) are great.

    I'm not sure about the book. Compared to the BC book and FM red book, I expected otherwise. I was not waiting for the screenshots of short-filmes

    I just hope buy (this year?) the DVD with 5 films to complete the deluxe box set. 
  • I really really liked the Making Of actually. I could have watched an hour and a half of that documenting the actual process during the writing. So many layers to this album. It just keeps unfolding.
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  • Oh, and Alisons giggle.... :x
    (but I might have mentioned that before)

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