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DELUXE BOX - Updates & information
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  • Nothing yet here... I'm losing patience...
  • Just received!! So happy!
  • If anyone's seen mine, can they forward it on? Ta.
  • :( pineapple 

  • Nothing yet.
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  • Mine is not signed. But I love it nonethless. Listened to the vinyl. Oddly enough in Jo there is a skip in the vinyl, I thought it might be dust, so I cleaned the vinyl and it still skips....Thinking about writing an email to Sandbag to see what can be done...Anyone else having issues with their vinyl in the Boxset?

    A beautiful NY days perusing the dark joys of the box set after visiting the Lowry earlier in the week... disappointing my vinyl skips during Ulla. Cleaned but no alas dodgy. Sending sandbag piece of mind...
  • i can't find anywhere suitable to keep the box set... i just keep moving it about from place to place but it doesn't fit anywhere :( 
  • This is my second box thingy, they're now both proudly on display in my wardrobe , next to six pairs of bunderpants that decided to shrink over Xmas. I wish I was joking.
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  • a friend of mine reported crackling for 12 seconds on Laurel on his vinyl copy
    from the box

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  • Mine does have crackling, but to be honest, I kinda think it adds to it.

  • Gaaah, can not handle this anymore...! Have been waiting patiently for so long, but now it seems everyone's received theirs...??
    But at least my order has gone from "precessing" to "complete" & "shipped" !!!
  • Hopefully (?!?!) getting mine tomorrow......
  • I ordered mine back in June and it's still not here :( I emailed Sandbag with all the order details but not received a reply yet. Pretty bad since it's over 6 months since I paid for it?!

    Guessing other people have the same problem / still awaiting the box? I'm scared it's lost in the post!
    End of December really was a really stupid time to send this out.. Busiest postal period of the year so it's hard to tell whether it's just somewhere in a backlog of post or completely lost!
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  • AT LAST, I GOT MINE... I'm so glad, it's wonderful. #881, yay !
  • all of these stories are just upsetting...i hope at least those who are still waiting get the box in mint condition 

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