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Somerset House 2013 live updates (sans photos)
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  • Met up with Softlad and we got.separated on a wee run/ beer dash , Jesus I laughed chatting to him. Best wishes mate , I look forward to a banter world trade fayre.
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  • Wow what a gig. I thought it might be an anticlimax after Manc but if anything was even more enjoyable. I can't think of enough superlatives, it was soo good on many levels.
    - the sheer energy and emotion Alison put into it, & rest of band were in top form.
    - marvellous outdoor venue, & not hot or raining, with great light show and ticker-tape
    - longest GF set I've been to at 90 minutes. Loved extended versions particularly Little BIrd (100% on the enjoyment index!)
    - new stuff is growing very fast & fitted into the set well with the older stuff
  • So many different threads going on but I'm going to post this one here.
    Basically, for the poor peeps who didn't get to go tonight I'm sorry but there's no way to express this without rubbing this in but FUCK ME YOU MISSED A CRACKING SHOW. PHEWEE!!!!! =D>
  • Wow think that may be my fav Goldfrapp gig ever! Alison was on fine form, the lasers and the confetti oh my.....

    I've got confetti down my bra and there it shall remain until further notice!

  • rewak said:

    I wish they'd ditch Little Bird already, sorry Tweety, it's just doesn't fit in with anything other than Seventh Tree.

    Little Bird was perfect tonight! The extended outro was super-trippy with mini-lasers in our faces - it was a very out-worldly experience and so much fun!!
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  • Must just be me then, i was never really fond of it, it's alright but there are much better songs on 7T to be including in a set and like i said you could fit 2 songs in that alloted time. I'd rather hear Utopia and Eat Yourself put in personally.
  • Gosh, where do I start with the review? So many impressions, so many emotions.
    Ok, I guess in faux chronological order...

    Perfect weather today - not much sun, good temperature, some wind but not too much. After all the heat in Manchester, today was a much needed relief day.

    Thanks to fellow forum users the hours of waiting flew very quickly, and Steve (who is not on a new forum yet) saved our group from missing the proper queueing location(s)!
    All 4 queues were properly tag-teamed and we got to the front as desired.

    Somerset House is a great venue of course, and this was coupled with pretty good organisation and very very good sound. Not too loud, not too quick, vocals properly separated and not drowned out by the base (which is rather rare) - last concert that had sound of this quality was in Bristol 2010 (and that one was for CD recording - to think of it, I wish they have recorded this one too!!).

    This is the first time we heard non-orchestral version of 4 tracks from Tales of Us - and that was a great experience. They all were much punchy and upbeat than I expected.
    Tales of Us is going to be a cracking album! Can't wait until the 9th.

    I'm a bit sad Annabelle wasn't played, but my absolute favourites from the new songs (Alvar and Clay) were - so I'm very happy :-)
    And I think both Alvar and Clay should be singles - they are very powerful and radio will eat them up. And the subject of Clay makes me feel very warm inside (and a bit sad too of course - proper tearjerker).

    I always loved A&E, but as the time goes it becomes more and more meaningful to me. Pills, backless dresses, etc.

    Nice to hear Shiny & Warm again - for some reason I always thought that Alison likes this one more than the rest of the Head First era :P

    Little Bird's extended ending was the 'omg' moment of the evening - the trippy play of smoke, mini-lasers in our faces, and colours was amazing complement to the song.

    Black Cherry! Oh my gosh... words cannot... tears, bittersweet, emotional. I'm in still in the glow of the moment.

    Is it me, or Train is getting more and more brutal with every tour? Brutal in a good way of course!

    And confetti at the end of Strict Machine :-)

    Amazing concert tonight. Among the best (if not the best) I ever saw - up there with Union Chapel '08, Electric Proms, and so many others.

    P.S. And the drummer... whoarrrr! >:) (that is when he wasn't obscured by Davide or smoke)
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  • Oh, and one song had some unexpected new whistling - but I forgot which one now...
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    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • it would be good to have the variety, and my favourite track from seventh tree is one of three really. I do like the way little bird live is always different every time its played tho.
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  • I can't believe that the next time I'm going to see them live is in October!
    That will be some major withdrawal next week...
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  • Lol Bells me and my friend had the same thing happen when we got back to our accommodation. A whole recreation of the ending! I also had it stuck to the bottom of my shoes from standing on the vile sticky metal panel at the front.

    Still buzzing this morning and was it just me or did Train go a 'bit wrong'?
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  • Thank you for the brilliant reviews!!  God it sounds like it was amazing.  HATE that I couldn't be there grrrrrrr!!

    Just watched a vid of Drew on Youtube, fab.
  • Glad to see everybody had such a great time.
    Wish we could've been there!!
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  • rewak said:

    I wish they'd ditch Little Bird already, sorry Tweety, it's just doesn't fit in with anything other than Seventh Tree.

    Well you're utterly wrong there IMO. That was the highlight of the show for me. Absolutely monstrous song!
  • oh my gosh! what to say just an absolutely bloody fantastic gig, alison was on fire! she looked a little nervous when they first started and during the new tracks at the beginning but completely settled into it doing one of the best performances i've ever seen! god it would've been an amazing gig to film. 

    alex_f said:

    Oh, and one song had some unexpected new whistling - but I forgot which one now...

    she did a bit of whistling toward the end of paper bag, is that what your thinking of?

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