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Somerset House 2013 live updates (sans photos)
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  • OK , I wasn't there but coming in with a two pennorth of maybe random, maybe useful anecdata:
    1. Somerset House Gigs - the last ones I've been to have all failed to get anywhere near filling that courtyard despite being officially sold out. Either the number of people they're allowed to sell tickets to aren't enough to fill the space (in which case IMO they could usefully think again) OR these days people buy the ticket and then don't turn up because they are too busy/too cool/too pissed/whatever.
    2. I'm cool about that because the band get the ticket money and there are fewer cool people having lound conversations
    People talk all the time at London gigs now.  Last gig I went to was a Patti Smith gig at the Troxy cos its on my doorstep with two "Real Fans" who chatted about nothing for the entire gig, except of course for the guitarist's solo gig when they fled to the bar through a group of about 20 of us collected at random. Unfortunately they came back. They explained graciously they were entitled to do this because - well, because. In their eyes.

    I don't know why this happens but it's been a big problem for every London non-classical gig I've been to for five years and it's spreading outside the M25. There are some poor venue decisions like having a bar in the hall - some O2 venues, St John's - that are guaranteed to ramp up the noise at point of purchase but the incessant chatter? 

    (Wierdly enough one of the Patti Smith fans complained bitterly one of her favourite songs had been left out - another annoyed punter pointed out it had been, only she'd been yapping away so much she'd missed it. There were tears. I was oddly gratified. I'm not always a nice person). 

    Anyway - FWIW. :-S

    I'm glad you all had a lovely time and were perfect fans.

  • I've been to a dance gig and in the middle of the mad mosh , three of the knobs in front of me start chatting and taking phonecalls AND shouting, we were about 12feet from the band aaarrgghh.
    I saw the Foo Fighters once , NOBODY got a phone out in the mosh there, Goldfrapp should try hard loud rock or cultivate fans who would turn people inside out with their eyes for having chatsies.
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  • A few days after the gig I decided to fish out my Somerset House DVD.  I can't believe that it's 10 years since the Wonderful Electric performance.  How old is everyone now - Alison never seems to age.
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • don't know if this sounds right or not but i'll risk it Legends never age ;)
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • I think Alison must be immortal like Highlander?
    Though we may deserve it, it will be worth it.
  • Nice to meet a few of you a week ago.....

    The Times review was a bit harsh, such is the nature of these things, I wouldn't personally subscribe to The Times as I am not much of a fan of it really, not the kind of journalism that appeals to me, but thanks for posting the person that did (if nothing else it serves as a reminder why I don't like the *****)

    Very energetic performance from Goldfrapp, very heartfelt, new stuff sounds great, I am not convinced it's all that Seventh Tree or Felt Mountain like though, that's just a point of reference. I'm struggling to remember the names of the new songs, there is one like nothing Goldfrapp have ever done, it' seriously heavy guitar and great work really suits them. I love the nursery rhyme intro thingy they are using, which obviously relates to the new album. I am looking forward to it big time, Tales of Us is definitely my cup of tea that's for sure
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  • Has this very positive Sunday Mail review been put up of the Somerset House gig. Quote next to the picture "MAGICAL: If only the audience would stop talking and listen"  


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  • ^
    That's pretty good if but slightly inaccurate in places.
    Check out the advert to the right of it. String vest ahoy!!! ;))
  • http://thequietus.com/articles/12904-goldfrapp-somerset-house-live-review

    This review seems fairly complimentary compared to others I have read, except they did play one song from Head First, not none as the reviewer suggested.
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • Slightly late and short review here

    Several of the reviews seem to be confusing paper bag for lovely head. Including this one.

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