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  • Why does humanity feel so deceived?  I probably haven't included enough dots in the trail to get you there.  Sigh.  So, let me add a little more.  All of it is due to the fact that the human species cannot ever be content  with living the lie that has been the cornerstone of our existence since the beginning.

  • You think we are damaged permanently.  I know that we are only damaged until we can all figure out that we have been deceived (by ourselves.  more exactly, each previous generation that was handing down the same folderol they were fed).  It's not even difficult to understand - except for the misleading paradigms embedded in each one of us. 

  • Our stupour, paradigms, and delusions have done all of our talking for the last three or four millennia.

  • Our stupour, paradigms, and delusions have done all of our talking for the last three or four millennia.

  • I have to laugh.  There is probably nobody reading this and I really don't care.  A decade ago, when this first hit me like a ton of bricks, I would have been upset.  I was dumbfounded, catatonic with attempting to dig my way out of all of the paradigm nonsense we endure.  I had seen the endpoint.  It was still a long road to fully comprehend what I had stumbled upon.  It would have been easy to lose my way.  I couldn't tolerate being disturbed by anything.  I wasn't certain of what I was saying and I was certainly not prepared to have any confrontational discussions about it.  I laid out the evidence in books as much as a way to explain it to myself as getting my thoughts down somewhere permanently.  I am more than ready now.  All of the nonsense and absurdity that seeps into us, I have purged.  Now, it is like water off a duck's back.  I fucking well know I'm right.  I continue to swim amongst a race that is drowning in its own delusions.  It's like the worst nightmare.  I reach out a hand and, mysteriously, it is never grasped by anyone.

  • I was feeling utterly bitter when I came on here and, then, a couple of events lit me off.  I feel better now.  ;~j

  • Everybody feels cheated by the lousy sex they endure.  They are right.  A human could do better.

  • Everybody feels cheated by the lousy sex they endure.  They are right.  A human could do better.
  • If there were a theme song to all of this, it would have to be one of London Grammar's.  I have never encountered such a remarkable fusion of the male and the female spirit, thereby creating a human experience. They seem so close to the answer it makes one ache.  The theme song might have to be, Sights.  What are you afraid of?  Of course, Truth Is A Beautiful Thing has a certain ring to it, also.  The crazy thing is?  All of them seem to apply.

  • Intuition is a leap beyond what the obvious data suggests by seeing the endpoint.  I used to do it in Calculus and it always pissed off Mrs. Smith.  I'm not good at detailing how to get there but I'm fucking good at getting to the answer.  She was the greatest teacher but wanted each step to the answer.  She'd be talking at a break-neck pace while writing equations on the board with one hand while erasing equations with the other.  This, though, this has been like no other leap ever.  It's no surprise it took me a decade to sort it all out - after studying the absurd antics of mankind for forty years or so, beforehand.
  • Basically, everyone just accept things as they are for heterosexual intercourse because that's what's always been done.  Everyone accepts the damage due to the collateral ramifications (e.g. surface issues) because they never made the linkage.  That certainly doesn't mean that anybody likes any of it.
  • Stewart Lee has of course spoken extensively about the difficulties of jazz-folk sex.

    Jazz sex is a wildly improvisatory procedure, that returns to its original theme only after every possible variation has been exhausted.

    Folk sex is a far more traditional approach, obsessed with historical accuracy, often continued way past the point at which it ceases to be entertaining, until one or both of the main protagonists is dead.

    Jazz-folk sex is an attempt to meld the best of both traditions. It's highly improvisatory, obsessed with historical accuracy, but enlivened at unexpected moments by the sudden introduction of a clarinet.

    Whether this brave attempt to combine what may be fundamentally incompatible approaches will ultimately solve all the problems of humankind remains a moot point.

  • Did Lee advise where the Clarinet was introduced during Jazz Folk sex & at what point?
    I wondered if it was similar to Heavy Rock sex where a 4’ Gong was bought into play at a crescendo moment; or is that Prog Rock sex where you both wear Wizard hats?
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    The Moving Finger writes; and, having writ.
    Moves on: nor all thy Piety nor Wit.
    Shall lure it back to cancal half a line,
    Nor all thy Tears wash out a Word of it.
  • Maybe it's the New Year or something, but I was just thinking about time and how, in terms of the scope of time, I guess it's not a big surprise that the human race, especially men, continue to remained lodged in a stupour after a few thousand years of attaining raised awareness and have no desire to even consider the possibility that humanity really can be human without all of the crap.  It's not really a long time in terms of the existence of life and there is so much stupidity to get over.  The evidence seems to indicate it's going to take another few thousand years for humanity to open it's eyes and see.  I'm not one to pound a pulpit in front of a roomful of fools.  That's just way to crass and the marks never get past being a mark.  So, I guess humanity is going to be waiting some serious amount of additional time, wallowing in its misery, hate, and utter stupidity, before it gets a clue.

    The evidence is clear, on this site at least, that no one can possibly consider anything of significance in the depth necessary.  

    The problem with being earnest, aye?  Hahaha!  Just joke off all of the misery we cause.  It's not going away the way we are headed but, then, that's to be expected, right?  We are cursed and born to live in misery as a species.  Idiots.
  • Or, maybe you're being earnest in a roundabout way.  So, you are convinced that heterosexual intercourse should remain a parody of an animal's enactment, nothing more than rutting?  That there is just no way heterosexual intercourse should ever be performed as anything more than an animal - because humanity is nothing more than an animal.  That heterosexual intercourse should remain a parody of what a human would expect?  We're just too fucking stupid to figure out what is wrong?  Some declare themselves gay rather than confront the issue? 

    It just cracks me up because the resolution is so fucking simple.  But, no, let's ignore it and drudge along in the way we always have since before humanity ever existed.  Walking and talking are important for humans but we should just continue to rut like an animal or find an alternative.  God help us if we ever made something good out of heterosexual intercourse.

    Makes sense, I guess.  It's only been three thousand years or so of the farce.  Let's keep it up for another three millennia.

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