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'Tales of us' Deluxe (new release - 30 June 2014)
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  • why does the disappointment for the fans on things like this never cease........super annoyed
  • ^@rewak: This doesn't show up yet on my iTunes because the country thingy. And I know all what you said is true....OK, I'm so very confused now. But I do not want to come across as being ungrateful for the video of Jo.
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  • I just had an email about this. I'm disappointed that it's iTunes only. I don't do iTunes, or downloads at all.

    If they were to release it as a DVD, I'd buy it, but maybe that's hoping for too much.
  • ^ DVD would be great, now I'm wondering if I should buy the download or wait. Decisions decisions...
  • It's a given that I love Goldfrapp and pretty much all that they do. But please. If there are extras to be released, please release them in just one collection, soon after the initial album release.
    Because there's the:
    -Original TOU
    -The Deluxe Box Set
    -And now this digital deluxe edition, where I assume the extra songs will be album only?
    If there's another release after this as well, I'll just have to ignore it.
    I will always love spending my money on the frapp, but there's a limit to how much I actually can spend.
    Just don't milk it, record companies. Please.
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  • Yes, must say, I'm glad that Alison & Will can make a decent living, but it does feel a bit like they're taking advantage of their fans.  I mean, let's face it, at this point, who else but superfans are going to be buying deluxe versions of an album nearly a year after its initial release?  They should have dropped this new digital deluxe release at the same time the (supposed) dvd/cd combo is coming out, so that fans can choose whether they want a digital only or a physical release.  And the fact that they're not releasing the videos, but only the audio, from the cinema concert is just bewildering.  
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  • I'm curious if anyone in the US has been able to preorder. There seems to be NO link for it on the iTunes page and when I follow the links provided by the band it says the item does NOT exist ???
    Color me confused ???
  • Don't panic. It'll work out. It always works out.
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  • I also sent a very polite e-mail to Adam this afternoon adding about future releases and why we seem to know so little in advance; with us being Alison and Will's main fans of course, and if they could consider having more communication with the fans through the board.
    We will see if anyone is listening.
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  • I, too, was disappointed & dismayed at the news. After all the money spent on the films & cinema event, you would think that they'd want to recoup as much as possible. This is hardly the way to do it.

    Given the track record in releasing DVDs, I'm not holding my breath in expectation of a future release.
  • Amazon and I are twisted in a furious codependent relationship. Kinda like me and all my lovers.
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  • I love the 'Tales of Us' music more and more. It stands on it's own but also harkens back to the 'Felt Mountain' sound. If there is a way to purchase the film with music I would sure like to know about it. ?????
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  • Word of advice, if you are buying the new edition for the videos (and you are purchasing from iTunes) - buy a separate film (in 'Films' section) instead of the deluxe album. Deluxe album contains videos in shitty semi-SD resolution (640 × 232, not even a full SD) while separate film is full glorious HD (1080p).
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  • ^ thanks for the heads up alex

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