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'Tales of us' Deluxe (new release - 30 June 2014)
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  • My guess is that it just has a different release date in the USA.  I've noticed quite a lot of things being released on different days in different countries.  It doesn't seem to make much sense, but perhaps it would make perfect sense to me if I was a record company executive.
  • I frequently ponder the complete randomness of Goldfrapp merchandising.
    I get all my emails from Frapp HQ from Adam Kline. Can we not get him on here to explain to us what is going on and why their approach is so poor? Sort of a guest blog? The album sales do seem to have declined over the last couple of releases. I read the other day that TOU had finally struggled and gone 'mediocre' in sales awards. Gauling when I read that some twats ( sorry, lesser artists IMHO) have gone triple Platinium. And that, in my opinion, is why there has been no proper activity live in the USA.
    Worth a thought. We are, after all, the Frapp shock troops ! If we think its shite, what chance does your random music buyer think? (Do they even think ?? )
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  • ^Thanks HJ! -E-mail just sent to Adam. Here is what I asked;

    Dear Mr. Kline,

    Goldfrapp's US fans are getting very excited about any news of future releases. Be it, touring the US, what cities? What's to come in regards to anything being released digitally, and more importantly, things being released on Blu-Ray/DVD? Will the movie, "Tales Of Us" with the concert be released other than on iTunes?

    I hope I don't come across as being demanding. And I know how important your time is, and with that, thank you for reading my e-mail. Hope to receive a reply.

    Warm Regards,

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  • Can tell you now if this is iTunes only I WONT BE BUYING IT. I hate iTunes and the kbps is CRAP.
  • Jo_ey said:

    Thanks Jo_ey, I don't want to come across as being ungrateful but, I've had a negative experience with downloading purchases via amazon. Please release this physically!

    Then I read this: Product Details

    Original Release Date: July 8, 2014
    Release Date: July 8, 2014
    Number of Discs: 3

    The number of DISCS, the number of discs. Wonder how this will go....down the road.
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  • Thanks Shen_Deer
  • Shen_Deer said:

    Yes yes yes yes yes. WOOT. Can buy it at 7 Digital for £3.99 at 320 kbps.


    Thanks for this! I wondering if we can cherry pick? Or have to buy the whole album, again?
    mahogany= my agony
    'the wind...the wind'

  • That's why I logged in here this avo, to see if there was any further info.
    I'm surprised there was no email or tweet, just the banner change.
    Might tweet Alison & ask.
  • It says "The full 30-minute Tales of Us film will also be available to buy separately from the Deluxe Edition on iTunes."

    So does this mean I can buy it and actually FINALLY watch it?! 
    Post edited by VisualFallacy at 2014-06-16 10:50:40
  • Yes Sally you shall finally see them!

    Its a real shame they are not releasing the footage, I was still holding out that they might include some MIF footage somewhere along the way. Oh well .
  • plus the live audio from our recent worldwide cinema event, Live from Air Studios.
    plus the live audio


    iTunes Exclusive

    Double pass!
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  • also i guess "The full 30-minute film" states for just 5 music videos available separately as in deluxe all track are "album only". also the timing is right.

    Then it's not actually the film version, triple pass!
  • Audio only???? What's the point. Seriously thought it was the films etc. I definitely read it as audio only. I'm not going blind am I??? :( :-??
  • Audio only???? What's the point. Seriously thought it was the films etc. I definitely read it as audio only. I'm not going blind am I??? :( :-??

    The films are on offer, but not the live (Air studio) footage.
  • lmao ffs

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