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'Tales of us' Deluxe (new release - 30 June 2014)
  • i just noticed the frapp twitter banner has changed to an advert for tales of us deluxe edition released 30th june.
    features the tracks recorded at AIR.

    digital only it says. 
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    Alison just told my friend that they are making it available digitally first, to reach out. Then, it'll be released as seen in the theaters, with extra goodies here and there on DVD and Blu-Ray.
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  • If anyone is interested... Adam Kline was the main contact Carpy and myself had when we had the admin roles assigned to us (about a year ago I think) but we haven't had much, if any, contact from him in the past 9 months or so.

    The only other actual person we were in touch with was Marc Kremers, who is the designer Goldfrapp have been using for their website etc.

    UT (or anyone else of course) might like to try asking Adam about 'frapp promotion and/or forum issues... he is still the best bet for a contact, I'd say. He is with Fascination management though, so has other artists to deal with.

    I'm very busy with the guesthouse now, for the next 3 months, so won't be pushing for anything, myself...

    Adam's email is: adam@fascinationmanagement.com
  • Yes yes yes yes yes. WOOT. Can buy it at 7 Digital for £3.99 at 320 kbps.

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  • Yeah, just got the e-mail about it.

    Nice to have a proper release of Lisa's wonderful films but I have to say... I'm disappointed that they are not releasing the footage of the live performance, as seen in the cinemas. Audio only.
  • Yes, we just have the Train video clip (from Air). I've messaged Lisa asking what exactly is on offer... she is usually very helpful. :-)
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  • great news all in all, but too sad there is no word about physical release (the cover art is so good it has to be printed). 

    also i guess "The full 30-minute film" states for just 5 music videos available separately as in deluxe all tracks are "album only". also the timing is right.

    lots of TOU video live footage are still needed to be released.
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  • So it's just the audio of the air gig

    Plus the original 5 films

    Plus the album (again....)

    Well at least it's getting a release on the positive side.

    Gutted that there's a HQ version of Laurel out there from Manchester which isn't seeing the light of day.....
  • Gutted if this is digital only to be honest.
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • "The full 30-minute Tales of Us film will also be available to buy separately from the Deluxe Edition on iTunes."


    Ok banana you can do this I'm saying to myself as I type this with panic and sweaty palms. I took a 2mg Xanax it's not working yet.


    If it is only digital only release of the film, Tales Of Us. Then I need to know now please so I can mentally prepare myself. Prepare for the down. :(...
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  • I am not disappointed, just a little excited and anxious because I love Goldfrapp. We were only wishing for a physical release.
    mahogany= my agony
    'the wind...the wind'

  • I'm disappointed, very much so. There's no reason not to release the live VIDEO, only a bizarre mind would concur that releasing the audio only portion of an event that was very visual is a good idea. The fact it's iTunes exclusive is ridiculous as well, why would i want to buy a crap lossy version? If you're seriously going to sell me the audio portion only why then compress the hell out of it when the album was offered in a format higher than CD quality!? The way this has been listed on iTunes also puts the videos separate, the standalone videos have none of the sound effects/mixing the film versions did (case in point Alisons scream is missing from Jo that was put on the YT channel) nor do they have the connecting segments that made it a seamless film. This isn't what this thing deserved, this is a mess.
  • ^ nice point. as if we won't buy it on iTunes now they could think we don't need it and will not release dvd/bd/cd. i hope they read us there. WE NEED IT.
  • Cover art is gorgeous but I am sadly joining in with the disappointment. Hope the CD/DVD plan is true though. We need it.
  • I get the need, no singles and all, but this ain't the way. We already had a very expensive deluxe edition, they know how badly we want the live performance and film but they also know damn well we don't want it this way, but if it seems like the only option we might be swayed right? Not happening for me, i paid up for the expensive deluxe , went to see the cinema event, and went to the tour. Im not giving them more money until a proper release is done.
  • ^OMG-I thought it was only me! I check and check on iTunes and nothing. If they pull it, I'll have my little break down and will have to hug a tree and come here for love and comfort.

    I know one isn't supposed too-but I get soooooo jealous of the people who live in Europe.
    mahogany= my agony
    'the wind...the wind'

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