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Goldfrapp at Glastonbury!
  • My husband just texted to say that Goldfrapp are playing Glastonbury this year! Guess he heard it on the radio :)

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  • Sartori!  Thanks for coming thru on Utopia. Those of us outside the UK are prob especially appreciative!  Looking forward to seeing whatever else you've been able to capture. So, does Alison no longer sing the operatic opening to "Utopia" or was this changed for Glastonbury?  Also, it just me, or was something a bit flat about that rendition of Utopia in general?  It seemed a bit hesitant and the band didn't seem to gel.  It just didn't have the intensity I've seen in the 9 or 10 times I've seen it performed in the past.  I guess everyone needs to warm up.  You forget that when Alison & co usually deliver such impeccable performances.  

    Kind of shocked that they didn't do Ooh La La considering what a monster hit it was for them.   Totally agree on comments about Seb.  Absolutely ace drummer.  Hope he sticks around.  

    BBC has uploaded "Strict Machine" to YouTube and, for some blessed reason, they haven't blocked it in the US.  I think the band and Alison sound great, but the BBC really overdid it on the editing and production.  It's edited within an inch of its life with so many quick changes and much of the camera work is so closed in on Alison and the band that you have very little sense of the immensity and drama of a big Glastonbury performance.  I mean, you could have shot their set this way in a tiny club.  I guess they were going for a sense of intimacy, but then, to my eyes, kind of robbed the set of what I'm sure was its thrilling live experience.  It looks like one of those 5th single music videos that's edited together from live concert footage rather than a live taping of a concert performance.  Stop showing off, BBC!  


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  • image

    (Glastonbury 2014)
    Set List on West Holts Stage on 28 Jun 2014 at Worthy Farm, Pilton

        You Never Know
        Yellow Halo
        Little Bird
        Lovely Head
        Number 1
        Ride a White Horse
        Strict Machine

    UK Deers:-

    It's currently on the BBC Glastonbury pages in full here:


    Non-UK Deers:-

    Sartori is ripping, grabbing, converting and generally using string & superglue to get a version up and I've just grabbed the one from the page above. It's only 640x360 but it's another option for you to choose from. Just demuxing it and sticking it in a more easily playable .mp4 container.

    <<< New Link >>>

    Please download and then share by other routes
    Do not just pass the link onwards and this one may live a bit longer!

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  • I know newer members won't know her, but what the hey... here is a shot of my 46-inch TV showing a very animated Visual_Fallacy (Sally) in the crowd during 'Train'. Yes, those are wolf ears. :-)
  • Sartori said:

    I`ve got the set recorded (as best you can from live anyway) . Its rolling in at 1.4Gig , so at this time I`m re-encoding it for a practical upload size . Hopefully it`ll be put up for capturisering from the TV etc . 

    Good work sir! =D>
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • omg i'm in tears of happiness, is there a link coming that I can hear what you heard!!??
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  • Probably not tonight as I'm going to bed soon (up 0545 for work) . And it'll probably be a download thingy .
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  • Utopia from today , first track - out of the blocks like a whippet . Its a captured video rather than a ripped one from a live stream , so some frames are lost and the video tears now and again .

    "Read my posts and see why we`re not allowed nice things anymore"
    photo 5a6eb769-bc12-4596-bbe8-709fc2bb0d5e.jpg
    "Brought to you straight from the People`s Republic of There`s Something Wrong With You . The Hoi Polloi Capital of the World"
  • Came through clear, omg Alison is beautiful lady........Sartori keep'um coming sweet spirit. Thank you. xx
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  • Seen a multitude of pictures from the show and my God! She has never looked happier or more beautiful. Absolutely gorgeous. I can't wait to see the show. Thanks so much for all the effort Sartori, Carpy and everyone else on the recording project. Speaking as one of few that wouldn't have access to it otherwise, I am very appreciative. And what do you say about Ms. Sally Traffic's close up:) And the backstage Brain Ferry photo! It sounds like such a wonderful show, can't wait to see it. Thanks again Xx
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  • I'm watching this thread like a hawk. So it's 5 hours ahead in the UK? Right now in the US it's 1:23 AM so in the UK it's 6:23 AM?
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  • Banana, easy there.  Chill, man.  The GF messageboard regulars are pros at this stuff.  They'll come thru.  

  • thanks for all the uploads etc guys!  ^:)^
  • ping said:

    thanks for all the uploads etc guys!  ^:)^

    What Ping said. Hi Sally! xxx
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  • Re: Utopia, I certainly don't think it's about ability.  She could clearly still sing that opening passage if she wanted to.  Perhaps it's more about changing things up.  You could argue that by saving the big operatic guns for the end of the song, she lends the ending more drama and surprise - especially for audience members not familiar with the tune.  

    Anyway, Carpy, thank you thank you thank YOOUUUUU so much for uploading that HQ Glastonbury performance for us non-Euro deers.  I sincerely hope they NEVER retire "Train" and "Strict Machine" from their sets.  I've seen them perform those songs in person and on numerous festival webcasts and YouTube videos at least 25 times and they never get old.  Somehow, she and her magical band manage to tweak those two songs ever so slightly from tour-to-tour -- adding a rip of more guitar here, a shimmery new synth line there, or a ferocious and muscular drumming here.  If you look back on performances of those songs from the Black Cherry era the performances were very strong, but it's like they were still discovering the songs.  It's a bit like looking at a performance in 2d years before the songs true dimensions become known.  Slowly, over several tours, those songs seem to get fleshed out further and further.  Train will always be a seductive, ripping disco burner -- I mean the ending with those fat juicy synth lines from Angie and that insane drumming of Seb's?  Wow.  And, then Strict Machine.  I don't even know what to say.  That may be the best performance of that song yet.  The last 90 seconds of Strict Machine took me to another dimension.  The bass, drums, synths and guitar thrashing like thunder, the lighting striking down - quite literally - like lightening and Alison looking so bewitching and just a touch menacing with her bat suit and her gorgeous curls flying as voice echoed seemingly all around us?  That was truly thrilling. 

    Ugh.  The lack of a US tour is even more depressing now that I know that they've - somehow - gotten even better than they were before.  
  • I felt a little sad when I saw on her left finger she had it wrapped with a band aid. I kept thinking I hope you aren't feeling pain and I could kiss it and make it better. And I worried and wondered where was Will?

    Carpy, what can I do to for you for providing this performance? I right clicked on the link and saved it to my desktop. The bit rate for me is, 796kbps Audio is, 93kbps, 48kHz.

    I guess this is a reflection of all the thanks. Like one gentleman said, here in the US we don't see or hear Goldfrapp. So seeing this performance is a big deal. It's sooooo crystal clear in HD. The download time was well worth the wait!

    Sending you a basket of love and hugs. May you be blessed with something wonderful. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo
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