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Brighton Dome gig - 29 March 2014
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  • I finally found a seating map (4th event I tried!) on the Dome site and it looks like the central block consists of seats 30 (or 31) to 46. Mine (34) is on the Angie side :-)
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  • Cheers, good people. ;)

    So this means Stalls C 43 is fairly centered??? And veeeeeery close... ;)
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  • C43 will be central block, 3 from the aisle, on the "Charlie" side. :-)
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  • I'm now in the Atlantic seafront hotel facing the Palace pier. :)
  • Laura & I are in J35 and 36. Which is actually only the 6th row.

    I'm going to travel down from Manchester on the Friday & will try to get in to the Travelodge as well. It should have a late night residents bar :)
  • Good to hear you got sorted in the end, Keith. Looking fwd to seeing you in BTN again!

    Erm, how is row J the 6th? 10th, no?
  • Just had a look at my ticketmaster history as we went to a gig at the Dome 2 weeks ago & was sat centre Stalls seats 37 to 38 Row F. We we're basically bang centre to the mic stand & felt VERY close if that helps anyone. Great seats. :)
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  • I was looking at one event where it seemed to be the case that J was row 6 but that's obviously not typical. Call it getting carried away in the excitement. Or typing before thinking!

    I've just established that the Travelodge seafront wont take my booking. Perhaps it's the lack of single rooms. Will look at the other options over the weekend.
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  • I have tickets D40 to D43 but I shall be driving or training it home as I have just moved halfway between London and Brighton.
  • Very happy with C34/35 but hotels very expensive - even travelodge is £85.

    Best I could find was ibis at £69
  • Will be there if I can get a ticket next week on oayday :-)
  • J 30 ...

    ...so quite close to Keith and Laura rather than waving at them across a crowded stalls. And Dreeke!
    Yippee and a big thanks to Elliott.

    Now for the hotel ... (and for the Anna Calvi gig in Feb too.) Hah, and to think I didn't even try to book tickets for Paris gigs because of the price of the hotels.

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  • Got in to the Dome website dead on 10am and bagged Row B in the 30 block. Closest I've ever managed to get. I checked Ticketmaster and the furthest forward they offered was P.
  • A15 and 16 (staying with friends)

    In the circle
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    "its MY favourite song"
  • say hello to B54 stalls (says center but its on the left). (Ive stoped moaning about availability now the tickets r on general sale:)

    Sandalwood sh*thole was the only thing under £50 
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