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Bringing Some Perspective: A Reflection
  • Seeing as this place seems in dire need of some
    balance, Mirror offers you an alternative review of
    the future release of Britains pop duo Goldfrapp, Tales
    of Us

    Everyone seems to have forgotten what an absolute
    turkey Head First (2010) was.
    This is in no way an unfair criticism; how much
    credibility does a record have when even its own singer wants to erase it from
    the catalogue?
    The songs were no more than discarded candy wrappers,
    badly written, badly produced and without any attention to musical texture or

    The contrast with the band's debut album could not be
    greater: they went from being a genuinely innovative electronic duo to a failed
    parody of a middle-of-the-road pop outfit with a self-obsessed singer.

    But how does one claw their way back?

    After Goldfrapps failed attempts at impersonating
    [insert: any 80s popstar], she now appears in danger of going down the Stevie
    Nicks road.
    The snippets currently floating around the net, with
    their twanging hippie guitars, sound as if they've given up on electronic music
    On top of that, Goldfrapp seems to have lost all
    inspiration: where at least
    Head First was still a personal
    album, in the sense that it celebrated the singer's new found lesbianism, she
    now seems to be cashing in on the gay love of others.
    "Clay", describing a wartime romance between
    two soldiers, replaces personal tales with voyeurism.

    The singer was quoted saying how moved she was by
    reading the correspondence between the men, and now hopes to exploit this as
    source material, hitching a ride on the emotions of others, covering up the
    emptiness of her own?

    Given that the last few years has seen the coming of
    age of electronic (pop) music, often with female musicians at the wheel, Goldfrapp
    seem an anachronism.
    The genre they once helped to shape (Felt Mountain, 2001)
    now seems to have passed them by.

    It remains hard to believe that a band responsible for
    Head First could redeem themselves
    within the musical landscape.

    Even the new artwork feels hardly renewing; the
    pictures accompanying the press release echo American photographer Cindy
    Sherman - ironically, famous for impersonating other people throughout her
    work, as such criticizing the emptiness of women in modern visual culture.

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  • I think if they're happy making the music they make it doesn't matter.

    I don't think they're doing it for us but to explore music as they are musicians. Also musicians and other artist's are constantly inspired by others work all the time so to note this as a lack of originality is a moot point.
  • That Mirror is cracked.
  • Yeah? Well Head First could certainly kick your ass.
    If I were dead, could I do this?
  • It's opinion Mirror, and whilst not wishing to invalidate yours I disagree quite strongly with pretty much every word of it.
    It's a re-creation
    Again I live another life
    My imagination
    Can't cross the borderline
  • I can't decide:-

    a) Somebody aiming for a bit of fun having a troll. If so, we fell for it and are replying. More fool us.

    b) Somebody who wanted TOU to sound a certain way, has realised it probably wont and is throwing their toys around under the pretext of balance.

    An opinion is great, even if not agreed with, and that should always be treated with respect but when it becomes a badly formatted, 'I know better than you' first-post forum rant it's very hard to take seriously on any sort of face value.

    The reflective Mirror is sadly more of a blunt hatchet.

    On a different note, Mirror, could you please (politely) move your thread to the 'Anything & Everything" area as you've created it in 'News'. Thanks.
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  • Never mind.
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  • oh well eh? you don't have to listen to it if you don't want to...  %-(
  • Opinions are like bumholes.... Everyone has one, as they should. Some of em stink.
  • chokka said:

    Opinions are like bumholes.... Everyone has one, as they should. Some of em stink.

    i shall definitely be saying this as much as possible at work tomorrow 
  • Mirror said:

    Mirror said:

    Mirror has been around for a very long time.


    whats that got to do with anything.
    also i'm not sure referring to yourself in the third person is entirely healthy...
  • A writer from the The Daily Mirror perhaps?

    It’s the only way I can
    make sense of the tripe spilt above. I wonder if they bothered to notice that Head
    First was a Grammy nominated album? Regardless of how The Mirror or even Alison
    feel about said album, those “candy wrappers” did a considerable amount of
    business. In fact, to try and argue “The Mirrors  point” only proves that even bad Goldfrapp is potentially award winning

    The only kernel of objective truth I can gleam from
    above commentary is that The Mirror seems like a very angry, venomous
    person, who, for whatever reason, is in desperate need of attention.
    Even negative attention will do.

    ^ More importantly, why is my post chopped up like that?! Tried to edit it to no avail.

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  • folklore said:

    Mirrors, if you'd like to have a discussion about Goldfrapp and Tales of Us, go right ahead! Don't just threadshit. :)

    I get the impression that is very unlikely to happen while they can hide behind third-person snipes.

    I'd have an awful lot more respect for them, even if I completely disagreed with them, if they had come here and talked to us rather than making some grandiose entrance with bluff & bluster preferring to quote lyrics etc rather than engage in conversation.
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  • Mirror said:

    Mirror is a little disappointed, where are all it's like-minded voices?

    Jaxsbudgie, Corvina, Sartori, Shamie, even the old Carpathian who was up for constructive dialogue?

    The irony of the end of that post in the light of your entrance & efforts so far isn't so much funny as a shame.
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • ping thinks its hard to have constructive dialogue with someone who won't even own their own comments