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Maida Vale session - BBC 6Music - 15 Oct 2013
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  • Been watching over and over. Heart wrenching and beautiful as ever ... almost more so 
  • watching it now on the red button on bbc.... ;)
    Just Keep Things Simple.....
    Love Goldfrapp.....
  • Finally got to see it. So far wow.
  • It was so beautiful and brave and intimate. We were able to watch history today. Has anyone noticed we don´t seem to have a Yellow Halo instrumental? It's such a personal song I guess.

    Dear @Sartori you are worth gold.

    @NovaLasing I would have loved to hear something about the Jo filming, we could check the website for tour info : ] But lucky you dear! Cheers for having been able to be there and whitness history!
  • I caught some of this on Red Button and will track down the rest post-hol: very envious of those who got tickets. Another big wow from me (just based on the fragment I saw. ) Wow.
  • Have just finally caught the whole session for the first time.


    I'm sat at work with headphones in and watching it on a pair of monitors and I was still utterly lost in watching it and then utterly affected by the Yellow Halo part. Dear good grief, that was tough to watch. All things considered I thought Alison did a marvellous job of holding together as much as she did in the end. You can actually see her shaking with emotion at one point. Bless her.

    So, so pleased that a live outing of Alvar gave them chance to get on record how great the track is live - so much extra string & guitar wallop. Love the album version, don't get me wrong, but live is the prime venue for it.

    Also surprised and most happy that You Never Know was chosen. That's developed into a live favourite for me over the years/tours and that extended vocal outro just kills me every time. Such a huge track for effect.

    Nice that the old, new, loud and quiet all got a look in over the seven tracks.

    Excellent stuff all round.
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • It was just perfect. When she was sad i felt as though i wanted to cuddle her like others have said. Then again i always feel like that.
  • Okay, so here are my belated grumpy notes:

    Turning up at 7am was rather pointless as second person (NovaLasing) only turned up around 9am, and first non-fan appeared around 10am (so one hour before the doors).

    The organisation outside of the studio was pretty good, however once inside the studio it was rather shit >:P - first they tried to put the people who went in first (aka those who waited the longest) to the very side of the stage, then I was moved to the left of the front row because I was too tall and blocked the cameras (what kind of amateur camera setup is that?), then I was shifted to the right of the front row because they wanted fans to ask questions (myself included) and the lighting was crap on the left, then people who stood on the right before us started complaining that they can't see anything so I was asked to move back and let the gnomes in front of me - that's when I went berserk and refused to move yet again. They then did the right thing and moved them elsewhere. Phew.

    Oh yes, question - so the rather nice researcher lady quizzed us when we stood outside the studio on what questions we would want to ask Goldfrapp and then chose myself, NovaLasing, Peter Jeffries, and some other lady (who weren't in the queue) to ask questions. The plan was to have Goldfrapp play 2 songs, answer 2 questions (from NovaLasing and that other lady), play 2 more songs, answer 2 more questions (from me and Peter), and then play final 3 songs. But of course the final 2 questions weren't asked because they ran out of time - which is actually for the better as my questions was rather shit ("What is the inspiration behind Thea and will it be played live?"). However that also meant that the annoying interviewer stood right in front of me for the first 4.5 songs! I'd imagine he expected me to move because when he squeezed in front of me we stood really close - but of course I didn't move at all, breathing at his neck all the time, and touching his bum each time I had to put my hands up or down (what can I say, nice bum...) - so after a few glances back he moved away and let me enjoy the rest of the performance unobstructed.

    Unobstructed right in time for the Yellow Halo... poor Alison, I wanted to cry so badly at that moment :-( :((

    But anyway, regardless of the struggle, the gig itself was great - perfect sound and great selection of songs. Anything else does not matter! And what a great taster for the next week too.

    P.S. I look like a right weirdo when NovaLasing spoke to the camera... ouch.

    Formerly known as alex_t.
  • Cheers for the run-down of the event, Alex.

    I think your question would have been a good 'un actually.

    So how close were you guys.. about 20 feet away? It looks quite a small studio.

  • I've had a quick look on the i-player but can't seem to track down the 'Yellow Halo' performance that everyone is talking about......any clues as to what time it appears on screen, or can anyone upload it on here?

    I've not had a chance to watch the whole set properly as yet but what I've seen so far looks and sounds stunning B-)
  • If you have a read back up this thread you might find a couple of handy links from helpful Frappers for the whole performance.

    ;)  :-\"
    A million fires before your harvest comes. To burn out.
    Wear the mask of a heathen. For the moon's lonely eyes.
  • Felix: funnily enough, I am just now editing a clip of 'Yellow halo' to go up on Youtube. Will post link here when it's finished/uploaded.

    Otherwise, as Carpy says, there are other sources - mentioned above (eg Sartori's complete video of the broadcast.. or audio).

  • Thanx for the story Alex! It now almost feels like I was there myself. Although maybe it isn't quite the same, now I come to think of it [-X
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  • Here's 'Yellow halo'. Heart-wrenching, and a testament to Alison's professionalism that she does her best to complete it. And apologises at the end. You do just want to hug her. :-( 

    Post edited by Halloween_Jack at 2013-10-16 13:59:34

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